Spare - Front Wheel 20'' - 52 Single Speed Green Spoke

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Why buy Spare - Front Wheel 20'' - 52 Single Speed Green Spoke

Front Wheel for the Frog 52 Single Speed, 20'' First Pedal Bike. Green coloured spokes either side of the valve.

This wheel is suitable for 52 Single Speed Models up to late 2020. It has a threaded hub and attaches to the front fork by a set of screws & washers. This is NOT a quick release wheel.

For models after late 2020 that require the Quick Release compatible wheel please use the code L-AC-FW-HY-20-GRE-1

If you are unsure which model you have or if this wheel will be suitable please contact our Customer Services team.

Please Note: This does not include - Tyre/Inner tube/Cassette

NEW: Touch up paint now available

Colour matched bike touch-up paint from GPAINT, the perfect way to touch up small scratches

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