Jerry and Shelley Lawson founded Frog Bikes in 2013 after struggling to find suitable bikes for their own two children. This experience led them to leave their corporate careers and create bikes specifically designed for kids.

Frog Bikes emerged with a focus on quality, lightweight, and affordable children’s bikes. Over a decade later, their child-centered approach has gained global recognition, including industry awards for innovation and design, an award-winning factory, approximately 1,800 retailers worldwide, and successful partnerships.

Re-designing the kids' bike

Collaborating with Brunel University and renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame), Frog Bikes has revolutionised children’s bike design. All bikes are crafted with the child in mind, with ongoing modifications to frames and components in partnership with sports scientists at Brunel University. 

As Amir Khalid, Frog Bikes R&D Manager, explains:
“Our bikes aren’t just smaller versions of adult bikes; they are specifically designed to fit the unique anatomy and needs of children.”

Expertly designed features ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Adjustable brakes and a handlebar stem add-on allow for growth, while shorter cranks, scaled-down handlebars, and easy-to-reach brake levers enhance comfort and performance.

Supporting Local Business

Frog Bikes partners with select independent retailers to deliver professional, high-quality service to customers. These dealers are integral to our mission, providing bike fitting, professional advice, assembly by qualified mechanics, ongoing support, and servicing.

We actively support our stores' community efforts, aiming to educate and provide resources to get kids riding earlier. From on-site support to providing a fleet of Frog Bikes for trial, we are committed to community engagement. 

Getting More Kids On Bikes

Our ultimate goal is to foster a generation of healthy, active, and happy children with positive, lifelong habits. To achieve this, we partner with like-minded organisations across all sectors to collectively promote cycling among kids.

We collaborate with schools, governments, holiday resorts, and corporate organisations to share our passion for bikes and encourage children to be active. 

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