Frog Bikes: The benefits of being designed and built in Great Britain

28 April 2023 - News

At Frog Bikes, we take great pride in creating high-quality children's bikes that are not only designed with safety and functionality in mind but are also hand-built right here in Great Britain, in Pontypool Wales. 



With an emphasis on local production, sustainability and community, we believe that our bikes offer the perfect blend of craftsmanship, durability, and style that is sure to please children and parents alike. 


Jerry Lawson, co-founder of Frog Bikes commented “Having our manufacturing facility in Wales means we are more responsive to the market, have more control over quality, introduce innovations faster, reduce our environmental footprint, and create jobs to benefit the local economy.” 


Local production and sustainability

From sourcing the best materials to ensuring that every component meets and exceeds rigorous quality standards, we are committed to working with partners who share our passion for excellence and our dedication to the environment. To reduce our carbon footprint, we continually look at alternative suppliers that are closer to home, but that won’t compromise the quality of our products.


Quality built bikes

With Frog Bikes, you can rest assured that you are riding on a high-quality, locally-made bike that is designed to help kids make the most of their adventures, including lightweight aluminium frames which make handling and manoeuvring the bikes a breeze. 



Safety testing

At Frog, we take bike safety very seriously. Our bikes undergo rigorous testing that not only meets but exceeds industry standards in our dedicated testing suite in Pontypool, Wales. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our bikes are not only safe but also robust, durable, and built to last. Our comprehensive testing process includes everything from dimensional checks to impact and fatigue testing. 


This means that every Frog bike is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and will keep you safe on your adventures, no matter where they take you!





I can't praise Frog Bikes any higher. Over the past 4 years, both of my children have learnt to ride on Frog Bikes, starting with Frog Tadpoles and then moving to the first pedal bikes.

The Frog products are so well made, they are almost childproof (indestructible).”


The bikes are all built using superior branded componentry - you’ll thank us for not compromising on quality! There are no plastic breaks that get easily damaged, and we don’t use unstable fabric straps for steering limiters on our balance bikes either!



I also love that the handlebars lock and can’t swivel around fully…definitely has prevented her from having accidents while cycling.” 


Frog bikes retain their value remarkably well due to their exceptional quality and durability, resulting in an average resale price of 60% of the original recommended retail price. Thus, choosing an alternative value bike could be a false economy over time. 



“We learned our lesson if you buy cheap you buy twice and the investment into higher quality bikes is much better in the long run.”



Check out the video to get an inside look at the incredible engineering and expertise that goes into building each and every Frog bike. 



In addition to the many benefits of making our bikes in Wales, we are also committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. By choosing Frog Bikes, you’re making a more sustainable choice. 


From using recycled materials in our packaging to investing in renewable energy, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations and reduce our carbon footprint. By producing our bikes locally and working with eco-conscious partners, we are able to minimise transportation and logistics costs while also reducing emissions. 


Recognising that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society at large, we are serious about the climate emergency, which is why we’ve committed via the SME Climate Hub to halve our emissions before 2030 and reach net zero emissions before 2050!  We are making good progress - we have already reduced our emissions by 10% since 2019 and we have exciting plans to start the transition to building our bikes with recycled aluminium. Check out our most recent sustainability report here.


King’s Award for Enterprise

For the second time, Frog Bikes has won the UK's most prestigious business award, the King's Award for Enterprise. In celebrating the best of British businesses this Royal Honour is recognised across the world. Read more about the King’s Award here >>

Made in Wales Awards

Last year we were named the winner of the Insider Media Made in Wales Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award.


In 2021 we cut our emissions by 10% while increasing the number of bikes made by 14% and plan to start making bikes using recycled materials. 


Anna Drew, Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Frog Bikes, commented, "We are delighted to have our sustainability work recognised by winning the Made in Wales 2022 award because reducing our emissions and working to tackle the threat of climate change has never been more important. Our whole team has been involved in delivering these results, as we’ve made improvements in product design, packaging, sourcing, and logistics and helped bike stores extend the life of second-hand Frog bikes. There is still lots to do, and we look forward to continuing this journey, helping more children enjoy a really sustainable mode of transport."


Click here to find out more about our sustainability initiatives >>


Benefits of choosing a Frog bike for your child

Frog bikes offer a range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for children and parents looking for a high-quality, locally-made bike, that is safe, fun and easy to ride. From innovative features to expert advice and support, we’re committed to delivering the best possible cycling experience for children of all ages and sizes. So why not choose a Frog bike and join the thousands of happy customers who have already made the switch?



“My daughter started off with the Frog tadpole at 2 years old, she moved onto the Frog 40 on her 3rd birthday and was pedalling unassisted within 10 minutes. She is now 4 years old on the Frog 44 and her confidence on this bike is just phenomenal. The bikes are so well built and nice and light for a small child to manoeuvre with confidence!


At Frog Bikes, we believe that cycling is more than just a means of transportation or exercise – it is a way of life. 

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