Our mission is to get more kids on bikes, equipping them with the life-long skills to travel around, to keep fit and to have fun, with no fossil fuels and no emissions (other than breathing heavily up the hills). At Frog Bikes we care about protecting the planet around us. We have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our bikes and operations - we have committed to halve our emissions by 2030 and reach net zero no later than 2050.

We're proud of what we've achieved so far, and we're excited about the journey ahead

25% reduction in emissions per bike since 2019

Eliminated virtually all plastics from our packaging

Switched to renewable energy at both our factory & our head office

We're starting our transition to recycled aluminium next year

Actions we've taken

We continually strive to improve the sustainability of our bike design and materials.

We’re continually innovating to reduce the amount of materials used in our bikes, such as our lighter cranks and our redesigned bike wheels which use fewer spokes. We use novel materials to reduce our footprint - our FrogFit Technology® pedals are made of rice husk composite that uses 50% less plastic, we plan to start switching to 25% post consumer recycled aluminium in our bikes from 2024, and we are exploring bioplastics.

Our packaging is recyclable and virtually Plastic-free.

Our bikes need to be safely packaged and protected, but we’re also aware of the impact of packaging waste that ends up in a landfill. We use as little material as is feasible and our packing boxes are made from 82% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. We have eliminated virtually all plastics from our packaging too!

Our bikes are built to last and we look for ways to extend their life.

With robust, high quality components, our bikes are designed to withstand years of use and can be passed on to several owners.

Our MOT scheme and factory outlet bikes help extend the life of used or imperfect bikes, and we make sure spares are accessible in standard sizing.

We’re working on greener logistics.

Wherever possible we ship by sea rather than relying on air freight. We’ve joined the coZEV group and plan to transition to zero-emission shipping for all our products by 2040. We continually look at alternative suppliers that are closer to home with the aim to reduce unnecessary miles, support our local economy and improve our agility.

We run on renewables.

Both our factory and office run off renewables and we have electric vehicle charging points and an electric pool car so more journeys can be powered by renewables too. We separate and recycle waste from our offices and factory, use low voltage lighting, and make sure we turn everything off when not in use.

We’re working with others in our industry and beyond to accelerate change.

We always look to work with like-minded ethical, social & environmentally riendly suppliers. We participate in industry-wide initiatives (Shift Cycling & CONEBI) which allow relatively small brands such as Frog to exert more pressure on suppliers. We also work closely with the SME Climate Hub and BEIS as one of their case studies, helping others make similar improvements in their decarbonisation journey.

Our sustainability timeline

Here's where our emissions come from

Read the full 2022 sustainability report

Share your tips and ideas with us!

We’d love to hear your ideas on further actions we could take or any tips on what you do at home to be kinder to the planet so we can share in the office and with our customers.


Anna Drew
Head of Sustainability & Strategy

Val Benyon
Head of Marketing

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