Frog Bikes Custom 7th Birthday Bike Competition

21 December 2020

Creating a Bespoke Bike Frame

To celebrate Frog Bike’s 7th Birthday in February this year, we ran a competition to design your own Frog Bike frame. The competition was a tremendous success, having received a huge number of entrants from the UK, Europe and even North America, which was fantastic!

A panel of judges, from different departments within Frog Bikes, were enlisted to create a shortlist based on uniqueness, imagination and creativity. Due to the number of wonderful designs we received, it was decided to award 1 lucky winner and 7 runners up.

In order to bring the winner’s fantastic creation to life, we teamed up with Lucia at Velofique Designs, a specialist designer for all things bike!

Now that the bike is complete and our winner, Adam, aged 5, is busy pedalling around on his own unique creation, inspired by constellations, we thought we’d share the process of this exciting project.

  1. Firstly the bike frame needed to be sandblasted to remove the coating of paint that was already on it. This takes the frame back to the bare aluminium to give Lucia a blank canvas to work with.
  2. To roughen the surface the aluminium frame was scotched down and cleaned well
  3. The frame was then masked up, inside the seat post, around the headset, BB and steerer
  4. The frame was then etched, to allow the primer to stick to the frame
  5. The primer was applied and sanded down to make sure the surface was smooth and any imperfections were filled
  6. The base colour was then ready to be applied, this included background colours of faded black, blues and dark greens

  7. The finer detail was then added, including the brighter aurora clouds using a fine airbrush
  8. After, the frame was lacquered and baked to seal the paintwork
  9. It was then sanded down again to roughen the surface
  10. Now it was ready for the Frog Bikes logos to be added

  11. It was then lacquered and baked again
  12. The bike was then sanded down to smooth the logos on the frame
  13. A slightly white pearlescent topcoat was then applied for more depth
  14. A final coat of lacquer was applied for a super shiny and smooth finish
  15. Once the lacquer had cured, the frame was carefully de-masked
  16. And voila! Adam’s fantastic creation was complete!!!

What a fantastic and unique bike! Great job Adam for designing it and Lucia for bringing it to life, we love it!

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