Places to take your toddler cycling in the UK

26 March 2024 - Learning to Ride

Top toddler-friendly cycling destinations in the UK

Cycling isn't just a means of transportation; it's an adventure waiting to be embarked upon. And what better way to start your little one's cycling journey than by exploring the picturesque landscapes in the UK? From tranquil countryside paths to bustling urban parks, the UK offers beautiful cycling destinations perfect for toddlers and their families.

In this blog, we'll be your guide to discovering some of the most toddler-friendly cycling spots across the UK. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences for both you and your little two-wheeled enthusiast. So, dust off those helmets, pack some snacks, and get ready to explore some of Britain's most charming spots!

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Chicksand Bike Park, Shefford

Chicksand Bike Park offers an exciting place for toddlers to explore the joys of cycling in a safe and stimulating environment. Amidst the greenery, this bike park features specially designed trails and obstacles tailored to the needs of young riders. With gentle slopes, small jumps, and easy turns, toddlers can confidently ride their bikes while developing essential motor skills and balance. Parents can watch as their little ones conquer miniature challenges or join in the fun themselves, helping to foster a love for outdoor activities and a sense of adventure from an early age. Chicksand Bike Park ensures that every two-wheeled adventure is a step towards both physical and cognitive development, creating cherished memories in nature.

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Croydon BMX Park, London

Croydon BMX Park offers an exciting experience tailored for toddlers, providing a safe and stimulating environment for little adventures. With specially designed tracks and obstacles scaled down to suit children’s size and skill level, young riders can confidently explore the joys of riding. The park features gentle slopes, mini jumps, and easy-to-navigate trails, ensuring toddlers can develop balance, coordination, and confidence at their own pace. Under the watchful eye of attentive staff and with safety gear provided, parents can relax knowing their little ones are enjoying a thrilling introduction to the world of cycling in a secure setting.

“The Croydon BMX Park is a brilliant place to take your toddler, even though Rohan is younger than the other boys at the park. However, he loves the idea of his dad going around with him all the way and supporting him, he loves it!” - Frog Squad ambassador Rohan’s dad, Tej Thaker

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Faringdon Cycle Park, Oxfordshire

Faringdon Cycle Park, located in Folly Sports Park offers a fantastic space tailored specifically for toddlers eager to explore the world on wheels. It is always open, like a children's play park and you don't have to book, just turn up and have fun. There is a rubberised area for beginners, and junctions to practice road safety. With its vibrant and engaging environment, this park provides a safe and secure space for young cyclists to develop their balance and coordination skills.

Colourful tracks wind through the park, lined with playful obstacles and gentle slopes, offering little riders an exciting yet manageable challenge. Faringdon Cycle Park promises endless hours of joy and discovery for the youngest members of the cycling community

“The park is excellently managed by community volunteers and boasts charming replicas reflecting the town's character, including a miniature version of the local church, market square, and the iconic Uffington White Horse. My son enjoys going to the park on his Frog Tadpole, and it's usually packed with small children riding their bikes, which is an added benefit for making friends.” - Lewis, UK and Ireland Sales and National Account Manager, Frog Bikes.

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Rushcliffe Country Park, Nottingham

Rushcliffe Country Park has been recommended by one of our lovely Instagram followers who has tried and tested the park. It’s a great place for little ones as there is plenty of space to explore and begin their balance bike journey.

Rushcliffe Country Park offers a great setting for toddlers eager to explore on their bicycles. With its gentle slopes and smooth paths meandering through the greenery, the park provides an ideal environment for young riders to hone their skills. Parents can accompany their little ones on leisurely rides, soaking in the peaceful surroundings and enjoying the picturesque views. With designated areas for cycling, toddlers can wheel away to their heart's content in a safe and welcoming setting. Whether it's a family outing or a solo adventure, Rushcliffe Country Park promises endless joy and exploration for budding cyclists.

“My son tentatively went down the whole thing with my help but then later went right to the top all of his own. He got a bit of a speed wobble on the start ramp and had a big wipeout. There were some kids on the 1st jump and I was expecting them to laugh at him falling off. Quite the opposite! They ran over, picked him up, dusted off his hands, checked his bike over and asked him if he wanted to get back on. The support and camaraderie gave him the confidence to get back on and do the whole track straight after his wipeout. The rest was history. Fist pumps and high-fives at the end! We bought him some gloves after this incident, probably needs some kneepads and elbow pads soon…”- Rowan’s Dad

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Witton Country Park, Lancashire

Witton Country Park is an ideal location for kids who love exploring the outdoors on their trusty Frog bikes. Located in Lancashire's picturesque landscape, this park offers endless opportunities for adventure. With sprawling greenery and winding pathways, children can wheel their way through a world of discovery. From spotting wildlife to picnicking beneath the shade of trees, every corner of Witton Country Park beckons young cyclists to embark on new adventures. With designated bike trails catering to all skill levels, novice cyclists can hone their riding abilities while immersing themselves in the park's natural beauty. Witton Country Park promises endless excitement for kids with a passion for cycling on their Frog bikes.

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Moors Valley Country Park, Dorset

Moors Valley Country Park is the ultimate spot for kids who love riding their bikes. This park lies in the heart of Dorset's woodlands, offering endless trails and tracks perfect for young cyclists to explore. With miles of well-maintained paths winding through picturesque scenery, children can pedal freely, discovering hidden gems around every corner. From gentle, looping routes for beginners to more challenging terrain for those seeking an adrenaline rush, Moors Valley has something for every skill level. With its abundance of wildlife, stunning lakes, and forest adventures, this park promises an unforgettable biking experience for kids and families alike. So grab your Frog bike and get ready for an adventure-filled day at Moors Valley Country Park!

“Tommy loves his Tadpole Plus. He enjoys riding the pump track at Moors Valley but was struggling on his previous balance bike. The bigger 14-inch wheels mean he’s flying down ramps and it’s a lot easier for him to ride over uneven ground. Happy toddler, happy Mummy!”- Charlotte, mum to Tommy.

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Poole Park, Bournemouth

Poole Park in Bournemouth is a fantastic destination for kids who love cycling. With its sprawling green spaces and paved pathways, it offers the perfect setting for little cyclists to wheel around and explore. The park boasts playgrounds, including exciting equipment like swings and slides, providing plenty of opportunities for children to take breaks and play. Families can enjoy picnics in grassy areas or hire a boat to paddle across the lake. Poole Park's picturesque surroundings and bike-friendly atmosphere promise a delightful day out for kids.

“Poole Park is a great location to start your journey in learning to ride a bike! Ava loves ice cream and a quick play in the park as a nice treat after her bike ride. She has enjoyed every minute of learning to ride, especially on her spotty Frog balance bike. Could this be the year she levels up to her 1st pedal bike?”- Ava’s dad.

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Tehidy Woods, West Cornwall

Tehidy Park is situated in the heart of nature where the adventures are as endless as the imagination! Perfect for kids who love to ride their Frog bikes. Tehidy Park offers winding trails through greenery, secret hideaways under ancient trees, and sparkling streams to explore. With its diverse wildlife and enchanting landscapes, every two-wheeled adventure through Tehidy Park is a journey filled with wonder and discovery. So grab your Frog bike and let the fun begin as you embark on an unforgettable ride through this fantastic realm!

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Windsor Great Park, Berkshire

Windsor Great Park promises an unforgettable experience for both parent and child alike. As you follow the park's scenic routes, surrounded by the grandeur of ancient oaks and sprawling landscapes, your little one can pedal or balance alongside, filled with excitement and wonder. With designated cycling paths catering to all skill levels, from novice riders to seasoned cyclists, parents can feel at ease knowing their child can safely navigate the terrain. Along the way, you'll encounter charming picnic spots and serene lakes, perfect for a pit stop to recharge and revel in the natural surroundings. Take a look at the cycling route before setting off.

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Zetland Park, Falkirk, Scotland

Zetland Park in Grangemouth is a historic park that is popular with local residents and visitors of all ages. Embarking on a cycling adventure with your toddler at Zetland Park, Scotland, promises a delightful day filled with outdoor fun and exploration. Located in the breathtaking Scottish landscape, Zetland Park offers a picturesque backdrop for little ones to pedal or wheel their way through charming paths and beautiful scenery. With designated cycling areas tailored for young riders, parents can rest assured knowing their toddlers can safely navigate the park's gentle slopes and winding trails. As your little cyclist takes in the fresh air and vibrant surroundings, you'll cherish the precious moments spent bonding and creating memories in this idyllic Scottish setting. Zetland Park beckons families to embrace the joy of cycling together amidst nature.

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Explore the neighbourhood

If you don’t have any parks nearby, there are still some fantastic ways to get your child out and about on their bike to explore their neighbourhood.

Our Frog Squad ambassador, Akari, abandoned the traditional buggy long ago, opting instead for the exhilarating experience of navigating her Frog Tadpole balance bike. From nursery excursions to accompanying her parents to the shop, she ventures everywhere on her trusty bike. Encouraging cycling as a standard mode of transportation for children, whether within their neighbourhood or beyond, should be embraced from an early age.

By replacing the buggy with a bike your toddler’s mind will be stimulated like never before, as they explore this newly found freedom and venture outside. The independent movement allows toddlers to make their own choices - improving their ability to empathise, problem-solve and plan. The benefits don’t stop there! By choosing and exploring the world, toddlers' brains are stimulated much more than when they’re sedentary, leading to increased vocalising and speech. That’s your excuse to start swapping your 4 wheels for 2!” - Hannah, Bumble Bee Physio and mum to Frog Squad ambassador Akari.

Happy happy cycling!


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