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Frog bikes take away the stress of teaching children to ride. Our littlest bikes have been designed to make learning as quick and easy as possible...


Every detail of the Frog bike is designed to instil confidence from day 1. Lightweight bikes allow riders to balance, pedal, and stop with control.


All of our bikes are designed with the child in mind. We continually make modifications in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University.


Lightweight, brightly coloured and perfectly designed for comfort and pedalling efficiency, children go further and faster on a Frog.


Our research has shown that children need a smaller Q-Factor (the lateral width between the feet when pedalling) to be both comfortable and efficient.


Perfectly designed to hit the trails, the bold PUSH THE LIMITS range takes cycling adventures to the next level!

Frog Fit

We commissioned primary research from Brunel University Sports Scientists to create child specific geometry for all of our bike frames.

Our Frog Fit technology allows all of our stockists to measure a child and ensure the best fit for every young rider.

Sharing the Love

it's Friday! Time for the Bank Holiday Weekend and that Frog Friday Feeling. 😍

Cycle with friends, family or your favourite teddy, whatever you do get outside and get pedalling this weekend! 🚲❤️🚲


9 September 2020

Who else is getting ready for another action packed week?

Jess definitely is!! She has been flying (Literally) down her local trails recently on her Frog MTB 👍😀


12 July 2020

Who is this pink speed demon?

It's Bella, with her head down, on a mission to reach top speeds on her Frog!


30 Jul 2020

Our ambassador Cari had fun with one of our 67 Hybrid bikes the other day, lots of mud and smiles 👏😁

Hybrid bikes have a wide variety of uses, why not use them to pop to the local shops or even ride to school. In Cari's case, you can use them to cover yourself in mud and have a great day out 👍


5 August 2020

Frog bikes are available to order from independent bike shops