Celebrating the successes of 2018!

22 December 2018 - News

Celebrating the Successes of 2018!

As we look forward to the new year, let's take a moment to celebrate the successes of the year gone by. This time, we don’t mean ours! We’re celebrating the remarkable success stories of Frog riders all over the world!

What is Success?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines success as: 

“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

As the definition implies, success is not about winning or losing, or even about scope, it's simply about using your passion to achieve something great! Over the last year, we have come across some incredible success stories from riders, as young as 2 years old, with amazing goals that we adults would shy away from. The resilience, determination and self-confidence that has been displayed by each one of them have truly mesmerised us. Whether it's riding across two countries or climbing steep hills for miles on end, there is no doubt about it, the challenges our Frog bike riders have conquered have been incredible. 

Whilst each young rider had their own force of motivation, they all left us inspired by their remarkable story. We want to celebrate their achievements, by sharing their incredible success stories with you and giving them the kudos they deserve for their awesomeness! 

Poppy & Miriam Goode cycle Mont Ventoux in 2hrs 20mins

“It took them 2hrs 20 mins, and with a few small stops for water and sweets, they reached the summit with lots of cheers and applause from the people already up there.”

We have to say, we were completing blown away by these young riders perseverance. Poppy, 10, and Miriam, 7 were up at 6 am to cycle up Mont Ventoux!


9 year old Abbi cycles 70 miles in support of the Lockerbie Air Disaster

We were so proud of 9 year old, Abbi, who participated in stage two of the Cycle to Syracuse earlier this year. The 70-mile journey, from Memorial Cairn at Lockerbie Academy to Edinburgh Castle, was in memory of the Lockerbie Air Disaster 30 years ago.



Travis Preece cycles 13.8k up Alpe du Huez 

"The infamous Tour de France climb 13.8K and over 1100m off climbing at an average gradient off 8.1%. So proud of this man conquering such an iconic climb at such a young age. At the summit, I asked him if he wanted to do it again? He responded by no way, isn’t there others we can do!!!" 

Now, this is a climb even adults would struggle with, so when we heard 7 year old Travis conquered the climb we were hugely inspired.  


Lyra 'Cycles to the Sun' to celebrate her Dad’s 40th birthday

“This point shall be known as the “Lyra ad Dad Summit”. 2000m of climbing over 40km of riding in 8.5hrs. Not quite to the top - but that’s OK!! Happy early 40th Dad!!!”

This 9 year old showed immense courage as she cycled through Haleakala National Park towards its infamous Volcano, all to celebrate her Dad’s birthday. We were blown away by Lyra’s sentiment and creative birthday gift idea, which perfectly demonstrates the versatility of the sport of cycling.


Elliott cycles 1,407km in 30 days

  "Elliott & I covered 1135 miles between #LandsEnd & John o'Groats, over 30 days #cycling - an av of 37.8 m/day. Great riding for a 7 yr old ?????? To anyone thinking of doing it, Elliott says, "Go!"
We're so proud of 7-year-old Elliott who tackled this epic 1,407km adventure in just 30 days!


Pedalling at 2 years of age! 

"The bikes are so kid friendly that today our little lad learned to ride his frog 43 - he’s only 2 years old and still in nappies but he’s riding unaided!" - Lauren Bosquet
We couldn't believe it when heard about this young rider! He may still be wearing a nappy but was determined to get pedalling! 


3.5 years old and learnt to ride in just 10 mins!

"Our 3.5 year old got her pedals on today. 10 minutes and she was off. She loves her bike and I’m impressed with how they learn on them."

Martin Howlett

Learning to ride a bike can take time no matter what age you are. Understandably, it can take more time for some than others. So when we came across this little girls story we were blown away by how quickly she learnt - her determination and focus is evident from the video!


10-year-old James cycled 1000km from Canada to the US

“James hears ‘you can’t’ and ‘no’ an awful lot, and as his parents, the best tool we have to help him through his struggles with autism is love. Sometimes love looks like replacing something he broke in a fit, and sometimes it looks like tying his shoelaces when he just can’t get things working right. Sometimes it looks like a big hug on a bad day - and sometimes love looks like going for a really long bike ride, and saying ‘I think you can”

- Chris Potvin

This was James' second challenge in two years, which has resulted in him becoming a bit of a local celebrity in his hometown of Whitby, Canada. His goal was to raise awareness and money for two autism charity’s, but the effort and hard work that he put into achieving this goal was hugely impressive.  As James parents explain:

3 years old and riding 7 miles!

"7 miles my 3 year old rode today on his Frog bike. He loves it"

For little legs, a 7 mile journey can be incredibly tiresome. So, we were incredibly proud of the determination this little guy showed during his journey, he certainly looked like he enjoyed it! 


Felix, 10, cycled a legendary Tour de France climb uphill for 22 miles

10 year old Felix's ride from Bourg d'Oisans to the top of the Col de la Croix De Fer on 31 May was amazing: 22 miles uphill to an altitude of 2,067m with a height gain of 5,700 ft. Even after all that he went for a sprint finish at the top.

Alpe d'Huez is another legendary Tour de France climb and the scene of many dramatic race finishes. It is only 13km long but it's a constant climb to an altitude of 1,860m with an average gradient of 8.1%. Felix rode it the day after his epic Croix De Fer climb without stopping in 1 hour 30 minutes. Well done Felix!”

We were in awe of the resilience and tenacity this young rider displayed. A huge congratulations to him for this amazing achievement. 


Clearly, we can not praise these talented and courageous young riders enough and we’re sure you would agree too! We have shortlisted just some of the amazing stories we have come across over the last year, but we can assure you there were many more!

As we look forward to the new year, we want to know what is your purpose, do your kids have any New Years resolutions?

Are you planning an epic cycling journey, a charity bike ride, or hope to prepare your little one for their very first pedal? We would love to hear about your kids' bike goals, simply comment below or get in touch with us through any of our social media channels.

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