Cardiff Council advances kids’ cycling with Frog Bikes fleet scheme

23 November 2023

Cardiff Council, a forward-thinking local authority in Wales, has been placing fleets of bikes across schools throughout Cardiff as part of The Cardiff Schools Bike Fleet Scheme.

This innovative project aims to increase the number of children and young people participating in cycling and further encourages active travel among children, young people and their families. The project involves the deployment of Frog bikes to educational institutions, to enhance physical activity, foster road safety awareness, increase active travel, and instil a love for cycling from a young age.

The challenge:

To find kids' bikes that were:

  • - Robust & high-quality
  • - Affordable
  • - Low maintenance
  • - Lightweight
  • - Easy to learn on
  • - Able to help build confidence
  • - Local UK business to build a partnership with


The Cardiff Schools Bike Fleet is a Cardiff Council project, which is funded by the Welsh Government, and provides local schools with Frog bikes. Frog Bikes was selected from Phase 1 of the project through a competitive tender process for their lightweight and high-quality design. This initiative not only benefits pupils by introducing them to cycling but also aligns with the Health and Wellbeing strand of the curriculum.

Now in Phase 4, Cardiff Council is set to achieve significant milestones, with the deployment of Frog bike fleets to 120 educational institutions, expansion of existing fleets, and ongoing training for pupils and staff which is extended to residents, workers and pupils in Cardiff. Cardiff Council also continues to provide resources, including lesson plans to help schools integrate cycling into the curriculum, and adaptive training to address specific school needs.


  • - Integration of cycling into the curriculum
  • - Increase in cycling
  • - Encouraging pupils to actively travel
  • - Further enhancing the Health and Well-being strand of the curriculum
  • - Improving pupil’s accessibility to bikes
  • - Enhanced cycling skills
  • - Positive behaviour change of pupils
  • - Emissions reduction at schools

Cabinet Member for Transport and Strategic Planning, Cllr De’Ath said:
“Since the introduction of Cardiff’s School Bike Fleet Scheme, thousands of pupils from more than 120 schools city-wide, have had the opportunity to access cycling and benefit from the health, well-being and enjoyment that cycling presents.

“The ability to cycle safely and confidently is a life skill and already we are seeing an increase in the number of families choosing to actively travel to school - according to the School Health Research Network (SHRN), nearly half of secondary school children in Cardiff have reported walking or cycling to school – the most of any local authority in Wales. This supports our active travel ambitions and is one of many initiatives helping to reduce emissions in Cardiff as we respond to the climate emergency. In addition, with Frog Bikes being made in Wales, the scheme promotes Welsh economy, sustainability and reduces the impact on the environment.”


The project aims to increase the number of children and young people taking part in cycling and provides them with cycle training to encourage active forms of travel to increase the health and well-being of pupils. Schools that apply get a fleet of bikes along with helmets, tools, lesson plans and a storage container to house the cycling equipment.


Frog bikes have become an integral part of school life in Cardiff, serving a wide range of purposes:

  • National Standard Cycle Training: The project ensured that all pupils could participate in Cardiff Council's National Standard Cycle Training, irrespective of bike ownership.
  • Physical education: Frog bikes were utilised during physical education classes, active time, and well-being lessons, promoting physical activity and healthy living.
  • Confidence building: Smaller Frog bikes were instrumental in building confidence and bike skills among younger children.
  • After-school cycling clubs: Regular after-school cycling clubs encourage pupils to develop their cycling skills and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Lunchtime activities: Offering opportunities for cycling during lunchtime sessions allowed pupils to stay active during breaks.
  • Bike maintenance: Pupils learned valuable bike maintenance skills and obtained qualifications, which were then used to deliver "Dr Bike" sessions to the local community.
  • Loan programmes: Some pupils were loaned Frog bikes to earn badges and participate in holiday clubs, enhancing accessibility.
  • Incorporation into the curriculum: Frog bikes were integrated into school schemes of work, even being used for maths and science lessons. School trips: Bikes became an alternative mode of transport for school trips, reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.
  • Transition activities: Pupils used bikes to transition from primary to secondary school, promoting independence.
  • Active travel: Pupils were encouraged to ride to and from school instead of using cars or taxis, contributing to a greener environment.


The Road Safety Team are using the Schools Bike Fleets to ensure that all children can take part in National Standard Cycle Training regardless of whether they own a roadworthy bike or not. Some of the schools taking part are in deprived areas of Wales. This scheme allows these pupils to learn to ride and have access to bikes at school. Without the scheme, they wouldn’t have the chance to learn. A teacher stated, “These bikes will change their lives.”


Nic Naish, the Executive Head of Greenway Primary and Trowbridge Primary, commented

“The bikes have enabled our children to access the Bicycle training that Cardiff offers. The Frog bikes have been used for class sessions also, with challenges set using the bikes. This has supported physical, numeracy and literacy skills within the curriculum. Riding a bike is as essential as learning to swim in my opinion. The skill opens up so many doors to wider life experiences and healthy lifestyles. We are pleased to be part of the Schools Bike Fleet scheme which has added to school and community life in such a positive way.”

Cardiff Council's School Bike Fleet Project has not only transformed the way children and young people in the region perceive cycling but has also contributed to their overall health, well-being, and education. Cardiff Council remains committed to supporting schools in maximising the potential of their Frog bikes, with continued training, guidance and sharing best practices among schools to foster a collaborative approach to cycling. The council will also continue to champion sustainable transportation and the benefits of cycling in the community.

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