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The Frog Bikes Lab Series: How To Videos

Have you bought a handlebar riser, need to carry out a thorough check of your bike, or wondering how to place tube toppers? No problem! In the following step-by-step, 'How To' videos, our mechanics will show you the best way to maintain your Frog bike and what to bear in mind whilst you carry out these tasks.

General Maintenance Videos

M Check your bike

Give your bike a thorough once over with an 'M Check' safety inspection. Move in an 'M' shape across your bicycle to check that all the moving parts are in good working order.

Checking your Brakes

It's great to have a clean and well maintained bike but most importantly it should always be safe to ride. Knowing how to check your brake pads and that your brakes are functioning will keep you safe on the road and able to control your speed to react to your environment.

Tightening your Handlebars

Having straight and securely fastened handlebars is another important safety check to be comfortable with. This little check is very quick and simple to perform when you know how.

Assembly Videos

Raising your Handlebars

Frog Bikes grow with your child, from our quick release seat post clamp to additional stem spacers we want your Frog Bike to last as long as possible. We even offer an additional handlebar riser to ensure the handlebars do not become too low as you raise the saddle up to make room for your childs' growing legs!

Frog Bikes Tube Toppers

These strange little objects will help to protect your frame paintwork from any cables rubbing on it. We're very proud at how well Frog Bikes hold their value and know this is down to our attention to detail to keep every part of the bike in great condition, as well as the quality components and kids specific geometry!

MTB Brake Information

Hydraulic disc brakes on our MTBs are a powerful source of stopping power. We recommend visiting a local Frog Bikes stockist or bike mechanic if you are experiencing any disc brake issues.

Removing Road Bike Toe Clips

Our Road bikes come with the toe clips already attached to the pedals. These can be helpful for children who are almost ready to progress to clipped in pedals, enabling them to get the feel of being more connected to the bike. But if your child prefers a flat pedal you can simply remove the toe clips, just follow the steps in this video and they’ll be off in no time.