Sustainably unboxing Frog Bikes

22 September 2021

Sustainably unboxing Frog Bikes

We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business, from the materials we use to make our premium kids’ bikes to the packaging that they are shipped in.

Some small changes can add up to making a big difference!

We’re reducing our Co2 emissions by approximately 16 tonnes a year by implementing packaging alterations!

Here’s what we are doing on our journey to making our packaging as eco-friendly as possible:

Recycled and recyclable boxes

We are reducing emissions by packing our bikes in boxes that are made from 82% recycled paper and that are 100% recyclable. Recycled paper is much more energy-efficient, using 70% less than when made from new raw materials.

We always encourage recycling or repurposing packaging wherever possible and of our stockists globally, 68% of them recycle or reuse our packaging, and in some EU markets, it’s as high as 90%!

Reduction in cable ties

We are continuously looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic within our packaging. All our newly packaged bikes will have the mudguard struts packed in the accessory box so they will no longer be cable-tied to the fork*This will provide an annual reduction in single-use plastics of 112kg (which equates to between 336-672kg of Co2 emissions). And packing them this way will eliminate the use of additional cardboard that was used to protect the fork. So, there will also be an annual reduction in cardboard of 677kg (which equates to approximately 358kg of Co2 emissions) - so that’s over 1 tonne of Co2 emissions from just one change!

Impending plans:
We plan to use a paper bag, made from recycled materials that are biodegradable and compostable, sourced from an FSC Certified supplier, to package the front wheel which will eliminate the use of 4 cable ties per bike and provide an annual reduction in single-use plastic of 149kg, which is between 447-894kg of Co2 emissions.

Less wrap and bags!

The plastic bubble wrap that wrapped spares and accessories has now been replaced with a paper equivalent*, which is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable with biodegradable materials. Providing an annual reduction in single-use plastic of 49kg, which is 147-294kg of Co2 emissions.

We have swapped the plastic bag in the accessories box to a paper bag, made from recycled materials*, providing an annual reduction in single-use plastics of 177kg, which is between 530-1062kg of Co2 emissions.

And, our MTB forks are now wrapped in just one sheet of bubble wrap instead of two*, providing an annual reduction in single-use plastic of 22kg, which is between 66-132kg of Co2 emissions.

These three simple changes mean we are cutting our carbon footprint by over 1.5 tonnes of Co2 emissions!

Impending plans:
In the not so distant future, we plan on decreasing the size of the plastic bags used to package our brakes, gears and brake cables, with an anticipated saving of >50kgs of plastic.

Less cardboard

We’ve swapped the large side protectors on our bigger bikes to a smaller protector*, providing an annual reduction in cardboard of approximately 1000kg, whilst still giving the same great protection - which equates to approximately 530kg of Co2 emissions per year.

Reducing Polypropylene

Our carton banding made from Polypropylene will be replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative* that contains greater than 30% recycled content. This change will result in the equivalent of 146 miles of eco-friendly banding instead of Polypropylene - which is further than from our factory in Pontypool, Wales to our HQ in Ascot!

OTHER Impending plans:
We plan to swap the brake boss protector on the frame, made from PET and replace it with a layered card providing an annual reduction in single-use plastic of 685kg (between 2055-4110kg of Co2 emissions).

We also plan to replace the hub protectors also made from PET with creased eco-friendly cardboard, that can be recycled more easily - which potentially could total 1.257 tonnes per year of raw material savings.

*Please note that whilst these changes are being implemented to new packaging, some older packaging may still exist within the industry for several months.

Our other sustainability projects

Here’s what else we are doing to help minimise the environmental impact of our operations

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