The Adaptability of Frog Bikes

21 June 2022

How Can a Frog Bike Grow With Your Child?


As a company, Frog Bikes is always looking for ways to improve its bikes, making them stronger, easier to maintain, and able to adapt as children grow, to make them last even longer.

So, we interviewed our R&D Manager, Kris Kulwicki to see what he had to say about how adaptable Frog bikes really are...

What features do Frog bikes have that allow for a child’s growth?


Kris explained  We’ve made sure that Frog bikes have many features that can be easily adjusted so that the bike will fit the child perfectly. And, that the child's needs and size can be met by changing or adapting these components as they grow.





Quick-release saddles
The quick-release saddles make it very simple to adjust on the go without the need for any tools. The saddle’s distance and angle can also be adjusted to suit the child’s individual needs.


Adjustable brake levers
The adjustable, aluminium brake levers can be found across the ranges. They can easily be adapted so that they are set at a comfortable reach for the child. They are also much more robust than plastic since they are made of aluminium.

Headset spacers
A headset spacer allows the handlebar height to be adjusted based on the child's height, so the handlebars can grow along with the child, providing the most comfortable and efficient riding position.

Handlebar stem riser
Frog also offers an aluminium stem riser, which helps to raise the handlebars higher for a more relaxed riding position. Please note this only fits bikes with a 1 ⅛” steerer.

Replaceable handlebar stems
Frog's handlebar stems are industry standard sizes, so they can be replaced with longer or shorter stems depending on rider height or riding style. Always be sure to check the diameter of the stem before replacing it. Frog first pedal and hybrid bikes have 22.2mm stems, Frog MTBs have 31.8mm stems and Frog road and track bikes have 23.8mm stems.


Replaceable handlebars
Frog’s handlebars can be replaced to suit different riding styles, so if riders want wide bars for more stability, they can simply be swapped over. All Frog handlebars are replaceable if they are matched with the correct stems (as above).


Adjustable handlebar
The handlebars are secured with four bolts as standard. This not only provides a more reliable securing mechanism but allows for better finetuning of the bar system. It also allows the rider to adjust the sweep angle (rotation) which also helps achieve the best position.

Versatile rims
Frog’s bike rims allow for a different range of tyres, so if you want to change the style they can easily be swapped out. For example, you could change the standard tyre for slicker road tyres, or knobbly tyres for off-roading. (Riders will need to check that the clearance is safe before riding).


Replaceable pedals
All Frog bikes can fit standard threaded pedals so that they can be replaced, or you can add cleats (Road) and pins (MTB).


How easily replaced are the child-specific bike components?


Kris commented, Although we choose child-specific components that are optimized for the frame of the bicycle and the size of the child, these components are still universal, so they can be easily replaced. This includes the crank, bottom brackets, axles, drivetrains, bearings, and accessories. We also provide competitively-priced spare parts of Frog’s own brand components, but which are all universal sizes.


What other consumer-friendly features do Frog bikes offer?


Kris explained, Each aspect of the bike is designed to be consumer-friendly - easy to use, low maintenance, and built with an emphasis on durability and quality.

These additional features include:

Quick-release wheels
From the new 53 and higher model hybrid series, all wheels have a quick release, so the consumer can easily remove them without tools, whether fixing a puncture or getting the bike into the car.

Standard bottle mounts
The Frog's hybrid, track, MTB and road bikes all come with standard bottle mounts so that any standard bottle cage or bottle can be used.

Standard hybrid accessories
The hybrid range of Frog's bikes (from the Frog 53 and up) comes with standard-sized mudguards and pannier racks, which are easily exchangeable.

Built-in hybrid security
All Frog’s hybrid bikes (From Frog 53 and up) have a standard wall lock mount so that standard wheel locks can be used.

The Frog frames are all equipped with standard bearings that are easily replaceable if and when necessary. The Frog road and MTBs have sealed bearings, which are also standard.


Highly tunable
The entire cockpit of the bikes is highly tunable so that they can be tweaked to perfectly suit the rider, including the handlebars, stem, brakes and shifters.


Derailleur clutch on MTBs
The new Frog MTB bikes are equipped with a rear derailleur clutch that keeps the chain tighter and prevents it from falling off. This saves the frame from damage and increases the bike's lifespan. The older MTB bikes can be upgraded with the new clutch and grip set as these are backwards compatible.

As you can see, Frog Bikes really are bikes that your child can grow with!

So hop on a Frog bike today!

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