Celebrating The 2019 Frog Superstars

17 January 2020 - News

Celebrating the Achievements of our Frog Superstars in 2019

2019 was a busy year for many of our young Frog riders. Here at Frog HQ, we have been excitedly tracking your amazing achievements as you’ve shared them with us over the year.

We wanted to take the time to showcase just a few of the fantastic stories from 2019 from a cycle safety campaigner who has become a local celebrity to multisport triathlon superstars.

Safer Roads for Cycling Campaigner - William Lamb

William moved up from a Frog 48 to a Frog 58 this Christmas. On his first ride, he completed an 'easy' 30 mile spin around the Wirral Circular Trail, followed by the return journey 2 days later! Riding 60 miles at the age of 8 alone is definitely worthy of a little shout out from everyone here at Frog.

But William's achievements don’t stop there! He’s been a champion both on and off the bike throughout 2019. He has become a bit of a local celebrity with his cycling, using his ride to school to highlight the lack of safety on the roads. William and his Dad even made a film which has helped push the council to trial road closures around local schools this year!

He rides to and from school every day, to the athletics club, football and trips to see his grandparents. Rumour has it he even clocked up to 18mph on the flat on one ride, “not bad for an 8-year-old who’s the shortest in his class” his Dad, Ed, told us!!

We Salute the Super Brave - Poppy Knight

Poppy has been riding a frog balance bike since she was only 2 years old. She is absolutely fearless, always adventurous and is happiest when she is free and independently climbing, running or cycling outdoors in the sun, wind, rain, snow and rainbows! Living near to Sherwood Pines she’s a regular at the junior cycle stunt trail!

In May 2019, aged 4 and a half she had a terrible accident. Scooting down a very big, fast hill at her local park, as she had done 100 times before she crashed into a lamppost at the bottom of the hill! She knocked out one of her front teeth straight away (her mum Jessica remembers finding it the day after on the path)! Poppy was taken straight to Sheffield Hospitals Children's A&E Department where she had to undergo emergency maxillofacial surgery to repair her top lip and extract the other wobbly tooth which was stuck into her lip!

Her family were astonished at her remarkable bravery (as were we). Less than 1 week afterwards she was back on her Tadpole riding again! In less than 2 months after her accident, she was asking to ride with pedals!

Poppy is now 5 and her smile is full of joy, adventure and pride (despite still missing her two front teeth)! She is even teaching her little 2.5-year-old brother to ride her old bike as she’s already moved up to a new 20" Frog this Christmas!

The Mountain Goat - Noah Grinker

This year’s Mountain Goat award has to go to Noah. The epic year that was 2019 saw Noah receive multiple sponsorships from the bike industry. He won first place in his age group in an elite MTB race. This achievement is even more impressive when you find out he actually lapped the rider in 2nd place!

To cap his year off he completed a gravel ride (with an adult group) on his Frog bike that had over 2000 ft of climbing and was 46 miles long in just 4 hours. Which we think is pretty exceptional when you keep in mind he’s only 8 years old!

Pure Grit Award - Luke Smith

Luke’s very proud Dad, Chris told us all about Luke’s grit and determination which we felt absolutely had to get a mention in this blog.

In 2019, 9-year-old Luke competed in his first-ever triathlon using his 20-inch wheel Frog Bike. Being one of the younger children there, most of the other competitors were on much larger bikes with bigger wheels. Despite this handicap, Luke worked tirelessly to pedal his bike that much harder to catch up to the rest of the field (and his school friends).

For Christmas, he received a new 26-inch wheel Frog bike so everyone should watch out this year!

Triathlon Champion - Ethan Sosa

Despite a stressful lead up to his triathlon, Ethan still managed to deliver his best result.

2 weeks before his triathlon, the shop where his new bike was ordered through explained they would not be able to get the bike to him in time. Our Customer Services Superstars were able to jump in and save the day arranging for a bike to arrive the day before he was due to leave.

Although he did not have much time to practice on his new weapon, Ethan had a fantastic race and swum, biked and ran all the way into 1st place at the Challenge Daytona Triathlon!

That just about rounds up our short showcase of just a few of your fantastic achievements in 2019.

But before we go we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give a quick shout out to these 2 outstanding fundraising champs!

The Fundraising Kings!

Ethan biked his way onto the Children in Need live Broadcast in 2019. His just giving fundraising page can be found HERE if you would like to donate to the BBC's Children in Need charity.

Nate’s 12 in 12 challenge to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity was the most fantastic way to celebrate and honour the life of his best friend Tobi. His just giving fundraising page is still live and can be found HERE if you would like to donate to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

We love sharing our riders celebrations and if you have enjoyed reading all about these young heroes then follow us on Facebook or check our Instagram feed for regular updates from our Frog Family!


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