The Frog Bikes Lab: How to guides

1 October 2021

The Frog Bikes Lab: How to guides

We understand that not everyone is a bike expert, so our lab has compiled some informational videos to share the best ways to maintain your child’s bike.

Are you regularly checking and tightening the bike’s handlebars? Do you need to carry out a thorough check of the bike? Or, are you wondering how to place tube toppers? No problem, we’ve got it covered!


Having straight and securely fastened handlebars is an important safety check to be comfortable with and to carry out regularly on your child’s bicycle. It is very quick and simple to perform.

Follow this easy guide to learn how to tighten the handlebars.


We understand the importance of wanting to keep your child’s bike in great condition, that’s why we’ve created tube toppers. These strange little objects will help to protect the frame’s paintwork from any cables rubbing on it. We're very proud of how well Frog Bikes hold their value and know this is down to our attention to detail to keep every part of the bike in great condition, as well as the quality components and kids specific geometry!

Use this simple guide to see how to place the Frog tube toppers.


It's great to have a clean and well-maintained bike but most importantly it should always be safe to ride. Knowing how to check your child’s brake pads and to ensure that the brakes are functioning properly, will keep them safe and able to control their speed to react to the environment.

Follow this guide to see the best way to check the bike’s brakes.


Whilst it’s great fun to ride through puddles, mud, grass and leaves, in order to keep your child’s bike in perfect working order, it’s important to clean it regularly. We also suggest getting your child involved in the cleaning process, to help them understand from an early age how to maintain their bike.

Check out this video to see how to clean their bike properly. You can even show it to the kids to demonstrate best practices.


Give your child’s bike a thorough once over with an 'M Check' safety inspection, for hassle-free riding and to avoid repairs. Move in an 'M' shape across the bicycle to check that all the moving parts are in good working order.

Use this step-by-step guide to show you what parts to check.

For other Frog Bikes how-to guides and FAQs, check out our Support pages >>

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