Giving a Bike as a Christmas Present

29 November 2019 - News

Why Choose a Kids Bike for a Christmas Present?

It’s that time of year again, all over the world lists are being prepared for Santa and parents are trying to decide which item is going to be the best value for money, bring excitement on Christmas day and won’t be left in a corner, gathering dust by the middle of January.

A bicycle is definitely an investment, it will most certainly not be the cheapest item on a child’s Christmas list so it is worth spending a little time and extra thought when selecting the right bike for your son or daughter.

If you are sitting firmly on the fence and trying to decide whether it’s the right gift for your child then let us offer a few good reasons to give the gift of cycling this Christmas.

12 Reasons To Give Your Child a Bike this Christmas

  1. 🐸 Life Skill

    We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s just like riding a bike”! But it’s true - cycling is something we never forget how to do, even if we don’t do it for years. It might take a few minutes to build your confidence back up again but once you’re pedalling it’s like you never stopped! So don’t just give toys as presents this year, give your child a life skill

  2. 🐸 Reduce Their Screen Time

    Every day there are new reports and investigations surrounding healthy screen time. A new console or game will provide hours of entertainment but when we are trying to encourage our children to become more active and mature into healthy adults then a bike will reinforce this message and encourage them to turn the computer off and get outside.

  3. 🐸 Increased Independence

    For older kids, a bike can be a symbol of independence. All of a sudden they can get to school and meet friends without having to rely on Mum and Dad’s taxi

  4. 🐸 Longevity

    A bike is not a trending item. There will always be something that every kid has to have, the toy of the moment. Giving these trendy gifts as a present will definitely bring joy on the day but in two weeks or two months, they will be in a cupboard somewhere and forgotten about. A bike, on the other hand, will bring joy for years

  5. 🐸 Everyone Can Pitch In

    There is no denying it, a bike is an expensive gift. Why not get the whole family involved with the gift - Grandparents and other family members will be much happier to contribute to a bike because they will be able to see the enjoyment it gives

  6. 🐸 Family Fun

    Cycling is a fun activity that every generation can get involved in, something you can do together for years to come. It is also a great way to spend time together as a family and work off those extra calories consumed over the festive period. Start during the Christmas break and ride some of your local paths and forests together as a family

  7. 🐸 A New Hobby

    A bike is so much more than a method of getting from a to b. It might just turn into their favourite hobby and who knows, maybe their career! There are Junior Bike Clubs all over the country that are a fantastic way to make new friends, keep fit and try out track racing, cyclocross and mountain biking

  8. 🐸 New Adventures

    Why not plan a trip using your bikes - or even a whole year of micro-adventures at the weekend and a summer holiday bike packing trip. Spending your family holidays together, cycling in new places encourages children to explore and appreciate nature and the change in seasons

  9. 🐸 Mental and Physical Health Benefits

    Mind, the mental health charity has reported that exercise and being outdoors improves a child’s mental well being and their attention span at school. Every time we pick up a newspaper or turn on the television we are reminded of the increasing childhood obesity epidemic. The NHS and the WHO recommend that children and young adults aged 5 to 18 should “aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day.”

  10. 🐸 Road Safety Awareness

    Giving your child a set of wheels and taking them out on their new bike around the local village or town will help them to become more aware of their surroundings. You can use bike rides together to teach them about the importance of road safety and cycling best practices. This is, once again, something that will benefit them for their entire life

  11. 🐸 It All Starts With Balance

    Giving a Balance Bike this Christmas is not just going to fill your house with smiles and laughter. Without realising you are teaching your child the invaluable skills of proprioception, balance and co-ordination. Not only will a balance bike make learning to ride a pedal bike a breeze but it will also improve their core stability and make them stronger all over

  12. 🐸 New Years Resolutions

    Use this Christmas gift as the perfect excuse for the who family to set some new goals and resolutions for 2020. Let this be the year you spend more time together, get fitter and healthier, try to use the car less and get outside more. Bikes can help you smash all of these goals.

Why Should I Spend That Little Bit More on a Frog Children’s Bike This Christmas?

We know that you can always go to a big supermarket or high street retailer and save a little money but is this saving worth it in the long term?

Frog Bikes are made in the UK with quality components which will mean our bikes can be passed down to siblings and cousins or sold on when your child grows out of their bike. They hold their resale value really well so you won’t lose out when it’s time to move up to the next size.

Our range of kids bikes are designed with children at the centre of everything. From the research led child-specific frame design to the kids’ specific brake levers and FrogFit® shifters that make braking and gear changing easy for smaller hands.

Frog Bikes are made with a lightweight aluminium frame, not steel. Some cheaper kids’ bikes weigh as much as the child, putting them at an immediate disadvantage when starting to learn to ride a heavy bike. If the bike is lightweight it is so much easier for them to handle and they experience success much faster (sometimes they’re off and cycling in a matter of minutes!) Stay clear of heavy steel frames, remember it is you that will be carrying it when they get tired!!

All of our bikes are thoughtfully designed to ensure your child gets the most out of their bike. The Tadpoles; our Balance bikes (even the 10” Tadpole Mini) are fitted with a rear brake so that they can learn to control their speed and how to brake safely from a young age.

Our First Pedal Bikes can double as a Balance Bike. If your child is taller or a little older when learning to ride then just whip off the pedals on our First Pedal Bike and use it as a Balance Bike. Once they’re confident, pop them back on and they can get pedalling!

The Frog Hybrid Bikes are all built with a wide range cassette and single chainring, this means they only have to worry about changing gears on the rear cassette, not the front chainring too. This makes our bikes lighter, simpler and easier to ride, this = more fun!

We even offer Road Bikes, Track Bikes and Kids Specific MTB’s, the perfect gift for those who have been well and truly bitten by the cycling bug.

A Bike Is For Life!

Don’t forget bikes are for life, they create fun times all year round and are a fantastic way to spend time together as a family.

You can find your local Frog stockist HERE if you would like to have a look at the Frog Bikes range and discuss the best size for your child.

If you want some hints and tips on the best way to wrap a bike for Christmas morning then watch out for our Bike Wrapping blog coming soon……...

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