Frog Bikes School Fleet Scheme

12 March 2021

Cardiff Council advance kids cycling with Frog Bikes fleet scheme

Cardiff Council has been placing fleets of bikes across schools throughout Cardiff, as part of The Cardiff Schools Bike Fleet Scheme. The primary goal is to increase the number of children that take part in cycling, to further encourage active travel among kids.

The Cardiff Schools Bike Fleet is a scheme funded by the Welsh Government and is a partnership between Cardiff Council and Welsh Cycling. All schools and educational provisions located in Cardiff are able to apply for a fleet of Frog Bikes - a huge 80 education facilities have applied so far.

The Schools Bike Fleet Project went through a tender process. Frog Bikes was the partner of choice, due to the lightweight, high-quality design of the bikes, and because they are UK based, with a local factory in Wales.

Having Frog Bikes accessible to children in schools presents many possibilities for both pupils and teachers. Some of the children using the Frog Bikes have never ridden a bike before but now have the opportunity to cycle at school. And, to further enhance the Health and Wellbeing curriculum, cycling has now been incorporated.

Cllr. Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport said: The Schools Bike Fleet Scheme using Frog Bikes, will aim to increase the number of children taking part in cycling by embedding it into the school’s curriculum.

Being able to cycle safely and confidently is a life skill and promotes active travel in children and young people. This change of behaviour will have a positive impact on their lives and their futures, including improving physical and emotional wellbeing as well as reducing emissions for a greener environment to live in.

This is one of many projects to help the city transform its public transport system, promote more forms of Active Travel and importantly, respond to the climate emergency as set out in Cardiff’s Capital Ambition.


The project aims to increase the number of children taking part in cycling, and provide them with cycle training to encourage active forms of travel to increase the health and wellbeing of pupils. Schools who apply get a fleet of bikes along with helmets, National Standard Cycle Training lesson plans and a storage container to house the cycling equipment.

A School Teacher who’s part of the scheme commented It promotes a healthy lifestyle, it’s something these children will use moving into the future. It’s part of the health and wellbeing curriculum, building health and physical fitness and general wellbeing.

Phase 1 of the project is now complete, and nearly 30 Primary school staff having received balance bike training. Lesson plans have been provided to all education provisions which will help integrate cycling into their curriculum.

Another School Teacher commented We’ve introduced a daily cycle for our pupils as well as the daily mile. Their wellbeing has noticeably improved.

A School pupil, aged 10 commented Cycling makes me feel really happy inside. I love that I can use the bikes at lunchtimes, it’s so much fun.


The Road Safety Team are using the Schools Bike Fleets to ensure that all children can take part in National Standard Cycle Training regardless of whether they own a roadworthy bike or not. Some of the schools taking part are in deprived areas of Wales. This scheme gives these pupils the opportunity to learn to ride and have access to bikes at school, without the scheme they wouldn’t have the chance of learning. A teacher stated, These bikes will change their lives.

Another School Teacher stated, Some of our pupils have poor motor skills and the bike fleet is really helping them to develop and access additional opportunities.


Trelai Primary School in Cardiff is part of Cardiff Council’s Bike Fleet scheme, with Frog Bikes being used on a daily basis by Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 2.

Pupils have the chance to use the bikes daily as part of lunchtime provision, to promote physical and mental wellbeing. This provision has allowed the school to help children improve their gross motor skills, listening skills and bike safety when they are using bikes at home. When asked what’s the best thing about cycling, a Trelai School pupil said, It’s fun and it helps us learn.

The children who access the bikes have great enjoyment from them and due to having different sizes of bikes and helmets, it is a provision that they can offer to all children.

Head Teacher of Trelai Primary School, Carolyn Mason said, These bikes have been a fantastic asset to the school, they are robust, easy to use and comfortable for the children to ride. It is fabulous for the children to be outdoors for their wellbeing and to have the opportunity to develop biking skills, gross motor skills and improve general fitness levels.

As a whole school we used the bikes to raise money for Children in Need in November 2020, with all children completing laps of the playground, we completed 6,541 laps, which equals 408 miles. Having these Frog bikes available to us made this possible.

Phase 2 of the scheme is due to complete this Spring, which will see at least another 32 bike fleets delivered to Cardiff schools.




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