The perfect bike for Cyclocross:

The perfect bike for Cyclocross: "unbelievably good...lightweight and extremely fast" - by Harry (aged 13)

We have a guest blogger this month. Harry lives near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire and is a rising star in the world of Cyclocross.  Here he tells us about his new Frog road bike and how it has helped him this season: Over the months of November to February, I packed my road bike away, and turned my attention to cyclocross racing. Basically, cyclocross is a mixture of mountain biking, road cycling, and cross country running, brought to life by challenging, technical courses. Only there was one problem; I didn’t yet have a cx bike. To start off, my Dad scanned the deepest corners of ebay, looking for a more size and age appropriate bike.

The Importance of Lightweight in Cyclocross

Eventually, we found one, and it was suitable for my first few races. But with this bike arose a few problems. Cyclocross, as I said, involves a fair amount of running. In order to run properly you must place the bike onto your shoulder. This bike’s frame, though, was pointed downwards at a strange angle, rendering proper shouldering impossible. Also, my bike was wayyyy to heavy, and still a bit too big for me. This all was a bit of a problem, and I did not know what to do. But then, the stars aligned for me. My local bike shop, Sprockets Cycles in Kilmarnock, who had been brilliant to me over the past few weeks, kindly offered to supply me and my younger brother Cammy (pictured on the left below) with new Frog bikes to race cyclocross on. I was over the moon. 

The Frog 70

My Frog 70 has 26-inch wheels, short cranks, more ‘child friendly’ gears, and a much smaller geometry. All this is perfect for cyclocross and everything fits perfectly compared to my old bike. Craig, Dave and Chris, from Sprockets, have been brilliant to me this season, servicing my bike week in and week out, and it has felt like being a member of a pro team!!!

What I've been doing now...

Since I got my Frog, I have done various cyclocross races in the under 14 age category, including the Scottish championships, in Aberdeen, where I came tenth, a round of the British National trophy in Milton Keynes on the same incredibly difficult and muddy course as Sven Nyss and the best pros in the world, as well as most rounds in the Scottish national series, where I came inside the top 10. I had other great races on my white Frog, most notably the Last Gasp cx race, where I came fifth, the Kick in the Knock race, where I came third in deep snow, and the Doonbank Troffee, where I again came third.

Altogether, my Frog has been unbelievably good this season, and it has shown to be not only lightweight and extremely fast, but also bombproof!!! In my opinion, Frog bikes are the best bikes ANY child could use whether they're racing or not. I'm even getting ready to put my slick tyres on and race it on the road.....when the snow finally melts!