Pedal power for kids: Exploring the exciting world of cycling events

17 July 2023

Cycling is a fantastic way for kids to stay active and healthy while having fun. At Frog Bikes, we are passionate about promoting cycling as a sport and recreational activity for children of all ages. We believe that cycling events are a great way to encourage kids to get on their bikes and experience the joy of cycling.


There are many cycling events happening all over the world, from local family bike rides to charity rides and races. These events offer a great opportunity for kids to get involved in cycling and meet other young riders who share their passion for the sport.


Local Cycling Events for Kids


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Local cycling events are a great way for kids to experience the joy of cycling in a safe and friendly environment. These events are often organised by local cycling clubs or organisations and offer a range of activities for kids of all ages and abilities. Check out British Cycling for activities for kids and young people >>


One popular type of local cycling event is an organised family bike ride. These rides are usually shorter in distance and are designed to be accessible to families with children of all ages. They are a great way for families to spend time together while getting some exercise and fresh air. Many organised family bike rides also have activities for kids, such as face painting and bike decorating. Other popular events by British Cycling are pedal parties, where the whole family can get involved no matter what their ability is.



Races for Kids

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For kids who are looking for a more competitive cycling experience, there are a variety of races available. These races are often organised by cycling clubs or organisations and offer a range of categories for kids of different ages and abilities. Click here to find a Go-Ride Club >>


One popular type of race for kids is the criterium. Criteriums (or crits) are short-distance races that take place on a closed course, usually in a city or town. They are fast-paced and exciting, with riders competing for positions on a tight and challenging course.



Another popular type of race for kids is the time trial. Time trials are individual races against the clock, where riders compete to complete a set distance in the shortest amount of time possible. Time trials are a great way for kids to challenge themselves and improve their cycling skills.


"I felt really good taking part in the races, they have been great fun. I get to play with my friends and enjoy spending my time playing on my bike with them. I have made lots of new friends through riding my bike and it makes me feel really lucky to have a chance to do this all the time".Frog Squad MTB Ambassador @benbikes2016

 In Fife, Scotland, where @Benbikes2016 is from, there is a new series of events aimed at introducing different types of cycling as well as the opportunity to participate in a race or just ride the route without the speed. The 'Kingdom Crits' event provides speedway, mountain biking, road and cyclocross races. Children are invited to take part for free and can borrow a Frog bike to have a trial at racing. Click here to find out more >>


For those who are keen on racing, there are points to be gained for taking part and points for a place in the race. All participants receive medals and certificates and children who take part in several of the events are rewarded with series prizes and podiums for those with the most points.

The aim of the series is to provide a fun, free cycling event suitable for children who are learning cycling skills as well as those who would like to see what it feels like to race. This friendly series attracts 200 children from the local area, many of whom don't have a bike and are new to the cycling scene.

"As Mum of @Benbikes2016 and event organiser, I see how important social, fun and friendly events are to children especially as they have all missed a couple of years (for some the formative years) taking part in bigger events.  

Seeing the kids take the brave first pedals in a race is amazing. Many of the kids that have taken part in our community coaching sessions attended the events and we have now brought their families into the world of cycle events. So hopefully, they will continue to participate in the future. I am very proud to bring the series to Fife and pleased that we have created an opportunity for very new riders to feel part of something special as well as race opportunities as part of the sports pathway.”    
-Kirsteen, Mum to Frog Squad @Benbikes2016 and Fife Cycle Park



Charity Rides for Kids

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Charity rides are a great way for kids to get involved in a good cause while having fun on their bikes. Many charities organise rides specifically for kids, with distances and routes that are suitable for young riders. These rides are often organised to raise money for a specific cause or charity.


These rides often have a festive atmosphere, with music, food, and entertainment to keep kids engaged and motivated. Charity rides can range from short distances to longer rides, depending on the age and ability of the riders.

“Zachy's life revolves around his bike. His bike has opened a world of fundraising possibilities and through this, he has raised thousands of pounds for charity. Most days his bike is used for fun and fundraising!! Zachy's Frog bike is a key part of his childhood and not only is he having lots of fun and keeping fit, but he's also getting to see some beautiful sights and raise money for a fantastic cause at the same time!” - Zachy’s Mum, Sarah


There are various charities where you could get involved like Twilight Runway Challenge, RideLondon-Essex,




Enjoy the ride: Take the safe route, not the fastest route

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“Life doesn’t all have to be about racing from here to there. When cycling with kids, the more indirect, quieter routes can also be the most fun. If the girls are cycling their Frog bikes on the road alongside Mummy & Daddy, I’d typically scope the route first, with the girls cycling on dedicated cycleways or the quieter low-traffic neighbourhood streets where there’s limited through traffic.

If we’re taking longer journeys, the girls' bikes will be attached to the side of the larger eCargo bike I ride, with them both sitting inside whilst we head to where we need to get to. We’ve had some great fun cycling at Kidical Mass, and FreeCycle London in May for the girls where they enjoyed the freedom of Central London streets.”    
Mat Shreeve- JAMM Innovation Ltd and Dad to Maya and Anya




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Cycling events are a great way for kids to experience the joys of cycling and get involved in a community of like-minded riders. Whether it's a local family bike ride, a charity ride, or a competitive race, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to get involved in cycling events.


Frog Bikes and Welsh Cycling launched the new Cycling Skills Award designed to help young cyclists improve their cycling skills and confidence.


The Skills Award is designed to support community clubs and schools in their planning and delivery of regular coaching activities and is accessible through Welsh Cycling's website. It offers a set of fun, engaging challenges, with instructional videos to aid in learning and mastering the skills.





Check out the Skills Award, powered by Welsh Cycling in partnership with Frog Bikes >>


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