Keeping kids motivated: Fun activities and games for cycling

8 December 2023

We're all about igniting the passion for cycling in our little riders! Let's delve into a world of exciting ways to keep those budding cyclists inspired and eager for biking adventures!

1. Obstacle course extravaganza

What's more thrilling than a garden or park obstacle course to ride or glide around? Set up cones, hula hoops, and creative challenges. Turn it into a timed race or a friendly family competition to pump up the excitement!

2. Scavenger hunts on wheels

Why not try a scavenger hunt for your neighbourhood cycle ride? Spot a supermarket, a bus stop, or a playground along the way and check them off the list as you go. Not only will it help with teamwork, observation and decision-making skills, but it also will make learning and cycling even more fun!

Download the ‘See the City in a new light scavenger hunt list >>

3. Decorate & ride

Unleash the creativity! Host a bike decorating session with vibrant streamers, stickers, and fun accessories. Then, parade the streets displaying the new bike artistry - a celebration of imagination on wheels!

View our ‘How to spruce up your kid’s bike blog for more ideas >>

4. Nature explorer tours

Discover the world around you! Plan rides to nearby parks or nature trails. Encourage kids to observe and document nature's wonders, from birds and insects to diverse plant life. It's a biking adventure intertwined with a lesson in nature!

Check out our blog ‘Connecting with nature through family cycling’ for more inspiration >>

5. Theme ride adventures

Embark on themed rides! Become pirates, superheroes, or space explorers! Dress up accordingly and let your imaginations soar! It's more than just a ride; it's an immersive adventure through their imagination! Imagine superheroes flying through tunnels or explorers tackling forest trails in safari gear!

6. Skills and drills

Once your child has mastered balancing and pedalling a bike, then it’s the perfect time to encourage them to learn some new skills and drills to challenge them. Balance beams, narrow bridges, makeshift tracks, slaloms, drifting, cornering and one-handed pedalling can all add to the excitement!

Check out our ‘Top 10 bikes skills for kids to learn’ blog >>

7. Get on your bike challenge

Take your child on an exploration, with cycling-themed challenges to help encourage them to spend more time on their bikes. From racing around a pump track to riding through the longest tunnel you can find.

Download the ‘Get on your bike challenge’ activity sheet for fun biking tasks >>

Remember, it's not just about pedalling; it's about exploring, discovering, and experiencing the joy of cycling together!

Let's keep the cycling spirit alive and pedal towards exciting adventures!

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