International Mud Month

6 June 2022

Let’s get muddy this International Mud Month!


International Mud Month was established to remind us that beyond man's logical brilliance is the total chaos of mother nature's realm and that sustaining our connection to it is important.

When it comes to playing in the mud, it's great to learn to open your imagination and be as creative as possible. Always ensure you check the mud is safe to play with.


The benefits of mud on your health


Some parents may not want their children to get muddy because it is messy, yet children enjoy it and make joyful memories while playing, exploring, and being creative. Mud play has also been linked to having fun, well-being, higher immunity, and a stronger connection with nature.

Mud allows children to connect and interact with the natural world around them. It helps children with their sensory skills and you can make it as fun as you like with science, maths, and building play. There are so many Mud play ideas for kids.

The benefits of mud are:
💠Emotional health
💠Improves creativity
💠Makes children happier
💠Helps children be more active
💠Creates fond childhood memories


Still, scared to get messy? Here are a few fun ideas…..


Make a mud creation


You can get as creative as you would like. All you need is a lot of mud, and interesting things from nature to mix in, like leaves, twigs, seeds, and anything else you can find, a big mixing spoon or a stick will do. Click here to make a mud creation >>


Build a mud kitchen


Building a mud kitchen is always fun and a new way to enjoy outdoor play with your little one. A mud kitchen is an outdoor pretend play cooking area, complete with everything your child needs to conjure culinary creations from nature’s dirtiest ingredients.

Click here to take a look at 12 ingredients for creating the ultimate mud kitchen >>


Make a mud painting


Mud paintings are one of the earliest forms of art. From building shelters to making pottery, mud has made an impact on many things.

Click here to make a mud painting >>

Make a mud soup


As a child, did you ever try and make a mud soup in a witches' cauldron? You don’t have to wait until Halloween as the weather can be unpredictable in the UK.

Click here to make your own mud soup >>


Build a creepy-crawly hotel


Don’t forget about all the wonderful insects and minibeasts that also like mud. Get creative and make a bug hotel out of the mud and natural materials that you can find. You can make a nice sign to hang outside the creepy-crawly hotel. Be mindful of the little worms around you whilst creating your innovative piece of work.

Click here to build Build your own bug hotel>>


Places to explore to celebrate Mud Month


Best places to make mud creations


The best thing about mud is that it's free and you can find it anywhere, (just ensure it is safe mud) as an added bonus you get fresh air and exercise when out searching. There are numerous things you can do like exploring new locations. The best places for making mud creations can inspire you to visit some new muddy spots around the UK.

Click here to take a look at the best places for making mud creations>>


Mud trails


If you want to venture out and make it a family adventure then try out a Mud Trail in Dorset. Take on a fun, challenging, multi obstacle course. Or explore Devon’s muddiest family-friendly course.


Muddy family walks in the UK


For the light-hearted who are playing it safe, you can enjoy muddy family walks and capture the fresh air and nature. Talk about the plants and animals you see around you. Draw attention to tiny organisms in the soil and talk about them too. This will encourage kids to be more aware of their surroundings and instill a love for nature.

Click here to take a look at muddy family walks >>


Cycling in the mud


The weather can be unpredictable and when we have those odd unexpected spring showers why not make the most of them with a muddy cycle ride. Those who love cycling, no matter what the weather, can also connect with nature and the mud. And if it doesn’t happen to be a wet and muddy day, you can always create some muddy puddles with a bucket or two of water! You can find some insightful tips on how to connect with nature through family cycling.

And don’t forget a clean bike is a happy bike! So, always give it a good clean after it’s been on a muddy adventure. Keep your bike in tip-top condition with Muc-off.


Download activity sheets

How to make mud art sheet >>
Make a mud hedgehog >>

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get dirty!


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