How is Frog Bikes reducing plastic?

11 July 2022

How is Frog Bikes reducing plastic?

Plastic Free Month: 1st-30th July 2022


Every year we add 25 million tons of plastic to the ocean, and as of 2022, every square mile of our ocean contains over 45,000 individual pieces of plastic. Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be 937 million tons of plastic in the ocean – that’s more plastic than fish.

Plastic is a material that we use every day. There is no escaping plastic in the modern world, from microfibers in the clothing we wear to the containers our food is delivered in. It is literally everywhere, and in places that we don’t often realise!



We can make simple, small changes that help make a difference, for example, if you used one reusable water bottle, you can save 150 single-use plastic bottles every year.

It really is time for a change.

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Did you know …

🔹  Seafood fans will likely eat over 10,000 pieces of plastic every year
🔹  One in three fish caught in the UK contains plastic due to its prevalence in the ocean
🔹  Every square mile of the ocean contains over 45,000 pieces of plastic
🔹  There’s a giant plastic island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean.
It’s called The Great Pacific Garbage patch, containing over 80,000 tons of plastic.



At Frog Bikes we care about protecting the planet around us. Not only are we responsible for designing and developing products that are more sustainable, but also for identifying and carrying out other projects that help minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Each time a Frog bike is used, it's contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle choice.




We are continuously trying to adapt our bikes to meet children’s needs but also keeping our sustainable goals in mind. We are also ensuring that our bikes are more adaptable so that they grow with children, and last even longer!

And for those pre-loved bikes that no longer fit, these can simply be passed on to a younger sibling or friend, or sold, for the next child to enjoy - As Frog bikes really are built for longevity.




Whilst we understand that our bikes need to be safely packaged and protected, we are also aware of the impact of packaging waste that ends up in a landfill. Our team is dedicated to making our packaging as sustainable as possible.

Packaging improvements in 2021 have focused on removing single-use plastic protection, bubble wrap, and cable ties in our outbound shipping, and replacing these with paper bags and cardboard.

We use as little material as is feasible per package. Our packing boxes are made from 82% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. We also use recycled and renewable materials wherever we can.

And, we’re reducing our Co2 emissions by approximately 16 tonnes a year by implementing packaging alterations! We have signed up to a European bike industry initiative with CONEBI:

We have all made a pledge to reduce plastic packaging and eliminate unnecessary packaging throughout the supply chain by 2025. With pressure like this from lots of brands, our suppliers are now on-board with trying to reduce the plastic packaging that we receive from them. Anything we receive is sorted into different materials in our factory and recycled responsibly, as is any waste or scrap from our production line.

We are on a mission to reduce this by changing our packaging. We are trying our best to unbox sustainably and remove unnecessary plastic from packaging. Our MOT scheme will ensure we receive data and we can work towards the longevity of our bikes ensuring we can make improvements.




front wheel of our bikes, which would lessen the number of plastic cable ties required, as well as remove the need for plastic hub protectors, which potentially could total 1.3 tonnes per year of raw material savings. We are also researching ways to lower the amount of plastic bags used in the boxes, opting for biodegradable or equivalent, which could remove the use of 200kg per year of low-density poly bags.

We are committed to producing our bikes in an environmentally conscious way. All of our Frog Hybrids are equipped with our FrogFit Technology® pedals which are made of rice husk composite that uses 50% less plastic.




Why not try and go plastic-free or try to reduce the plastic you use. It’s great to get your kids involved too.

If you are looking for Sustainable accessories for kids click here >>





Shelley, Co-founder, and Director at Frog Bikes shares some tips for making a positive change and opting for environmentally friendly alternatives. We are all contributing to protecting the planet and the future of our children - We want to make a green impact!




It’s surprising how much plastic you would actually discover in your home. If you are looking for plastic-free products click here >>



Try the Plastic Free Pesky Plastics Quiz to find out what sneaky plastic you may have bought in without knowing.


Resources for kids

Here are some fantastic fun resources for kids, to help them understand the importance of reducing plastic from everyday lives:

Click here >> Ocean activities
Click here >> Plastic Challenge
Click here >> Ocean Clean up
Click here >> Supporting the young people's trust for the environment

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