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7 December 2021

Cycling for fun is what we are all about! So, we wanted to put our and our team’s passion to good use to help a very worthy cause!

Since 15 November 2021, the Frog team and friends and family have leapt aboard ‘The Frog Express’, a virtual challenge, to cycle the distance from Ascot (Frog Bikes HQ) to Lapland and back again. A whopping distance of 4100 miles (6600km) in just one month! But as the Frog team have been cycling so well, we decided that we have time to drop in on Santa at the North Pole before returning home again!

So, our new target is 8592km / 5338 miles from Ascot to the North Pole and back again! That's going to require a lot of pedal power!!

The challenge is in support of an amazing charity, the Magic Breakfast, that provides healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas of the UK, with the aim to end hunger as a barrier to education!

Why Magic Breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is an important part of any child’s diet, and as one of the three main meals a day it should provide between 20%-35% of nutrient intake. But many children miss out on breakfast.

A 2012 study showed that 14% of children surveyed did not eat breakfast. This equates to 1 in 7, and a third of these children reported not eating anything until lunchtime!!! So, let's help to fuel their learning!

Find out about the Magic Breakfast’s amazing campaigns >>

Meet the Frog team

From our factory in Pontypool, Wales to our office in Ascot, Surrey our team have been really pushing the pedals to reach Lapland (Now the North Pole) before Christmas! So, let’s meet some of them!

Flippin the Frog, Frog Bikes Mascot
Flippin has been cycling since his Froggie legs could reach the pedals and he goes out exploring on his Frog bike every single day!

Why Flippin enjoys cycling

Flippin absolutely loves cycling because he finds the feeling of going fast very exciting! He wants to be a cyclist speeding around the track at the Olympics one day!
Nadine Pantazis, Marketing Manager Europe and her daughter
Nadine and her two children love cycling and often ride to and from school most days, even in the winter weather!

Why Nadine enjoys cycling

“In our family, we have always used our bikes to go to school or work and I am continuing this with my children. It is nice to get some fresh air and exercise before the school or workday starts. It keeps our energy and focuses up! We love that we can cycle through nature and appreciate the seasonal changes as we ride throughout the year.”
Karen Southgate, Production Team

Why Karen enjoys cycling

“I enjoy cycling, because not only is it fun, but it is a great form of exercise giving you cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle tone. Cycling is a low impact on your body and anyone can do it! Cycling for me is about getting outside, having fun and feeling free! I love cycling for charity and am always up for a challenge!”
Scott Johnson, Supply Chain Manager
Scott has been cycling all his life as his Father (a Cycle Mechanic) has always been a bike enthusiast, so he passed the ‘cycling bug’ on to Scott.

Why Scott enjoys cycling

“I really enjoy the social aspect of cycling with friends and family. It’s also a great excuse to visit stunning areas you would not normally see, taking you through winding country roads. There is also the added benefit of keeping fit at the same time!”
Shelley Lawson, Frog Bikes Co-founder
Shelley has enjoyed cycling from a young age and still uses her bike for leisure whenever she can

Why Shelley enjoys cycling

“Cycling is a fun way to explore my neighbourhood. I tend to stick to quieter roads so I enjoy discovering the pretty lanes and back streets around me, and of course, getting my heart rate up!”
Clare McLen-Howells, Office Manager Wales
Clare has enjoyed having the spin bike at the Frog Factory, as it has been great to help do something nice for the Magic breakfast and it has enhanced team spirit!

Why Clare enjoys cycling

“When I have enough spare time I like to join the family on a bike ride across the Welsh mountains take in the views which are stunning and the fresh air is definitely fresh!!!
Sam Jacob, Accounts & Credit Control Assistant
Sam was around 4 years old when he started cycling and loves pushing himself with solo time trails and Club Chain gangs.

Why Sam enjoys cycling

“I love cycling for the freedom it gives me. I have travelled to some amazing places around the world taking my bike with me and being able to explore. The social scene is amazing and I have met some great friends through my Club and racing.”
Kate Chappell, Production Team

“Whilst I am not an avid cyclist I wanted to take part in the Frog Express challenge to help a worthy cause. And, as a mother, I want to help out any child that is struggling.”

How far have we travelled?

As teamwork (and maybe a slight bit of competitiveness) has been a great success, we have decided to extend the challenge to the North Pole. Adding a further 1992km to the challenge (1237 miles), to reach by 17 December 2021.

From today we have reached 5278km, a massive 61% of the distance covered already! The team have been fantastic in getting involved so that we can smash our target and raise funds in support of the Magic Breakfast charity.

How you can help

A small donation of £5.53 can provide one month of breakfast and support for a child. And every 34p kindly donated to Magic Breakfast could give a child a nutritious breakfast and the chance to succeed at school. Sponsor us today, to help reach more hungry children.

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