Frog Bikes Supports The Young People's Trust for the Environment

25 February 2021

Supporting The Young People’s Trust for the Environment

At Frog Bikes we are on a journey to help protect our planet for our children's children, so supporting a charity that is very much in line with our company’s values and future goals is key.

Frog Bikes is a proud sponsor of The Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE), a charity set up to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment. Founded back in 1982, it aims to give young people a real awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and endangered flora & fauna.

YPTE provides young people with balanced views to consider the realities of the modern world. It believes that young people need to know all the facts to make their own decisions about how they want to shape their world for the future. YPTE does amazing work to raise awareness of environmental issues, and we champion that!

Free Resource Library

YPTE offers a fantastic online resource library, containing many valuable, educational services, which are free and available to everyone via the Trust’s website

The library contains a large variety of interesting fact sheets to help teach children about animal and plant species and key environmental issues. They also provide free downloadable lesson plan suites and presentations for teachers, interesting news articles, environmental stories, educational video clips; and some great competitions and awards for schools and young people.

The resource library has been widely used, providing over a million young people and teachers access each year. And, last year alone saw 100,000 of its lesson plan suites downloaded, which is enough to reach more than 3 million young people in the classroom.

Aiding Home Learning

The Trust was quick to respond to the school shut down in the summer term of 2020, creating a new Home Learning Pack each week, to provide children and parents with great ways to learn about environmental issues together whilst isolating at home. The full range of Home Learning Packs are also downloadable from the website.

Focus on Climate Change

One of the key areas YPTE has been focusing on in the last couple of years is climate change. Acting to minimise the impacts of climate change is key to ensuring a better future for future generations, so it is really important that young people and their families learn about it and the simple actions they can take to start making a difference. To help parents discuss the issue with their children and to start taking simple action at home, YPTE created a downloadable guide to climate change for parents. They also created a video, narrated by YPTE President Cel Spelman, which helps explain climate change and the simple actions children can start doing at home to help reduce their impacts.

Reducing Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is another issue that has been a real concern for young people in recent years, and YPTE has worked to increase young people’s awareness of this issue, with a video, a lesson plan suite and lots of news stories to keep young people updated on the latest developments.

Love the Natural World

Essentially, YPTE is about encouraging young people to develop a love of the natural world and to take an active part in protecting it for the future.

People protect what they value and what they love, so for young people to develop their interest in our world and to understand their part in it is really important. It’s how we can ensure that the planet will be in a better state for them to pass on to their own children and grandchildren in the future, commented YPTE’s Director, Peter Littlewood.

How to get involved

Getting more involved with YPTE is simple. Find out more about the things that interest you and how you can help. You can choose to support the charity with a donation by going to, and make sure to explore all the material on the website, which is completely free of charge.

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