Where Have All The Frog Bikes Gone?

23 April 2021

Have you been wondering where all the Frog Bikes have gone?

If you have recently been searching for a new bike for your child, you are probably wondering where have all the Frog Bikes gone?

Whilst we love the fact that Frog Bikes are popular and in high demand, it is unfortunate that there are many factors that have hindered the supply of bikes over the past year which has caused delays in getting them to children.

You will have noticed that we are not the only bike manufacturer experiencing these difficulties, as these issues are directly impacting the whole bike industry, and have been for many months.

We understand that our customers are disappointed and frustrated, and we share these frustrations too. So, let’s talk about the issues and what we are doing to try and help reduce the impact on our customers.


High demand

With several lockdowns under our belts, many of us have re-established our love of cycling, taken up cycling or used the ‘daily exercise’ as a good excuse to get out on our bikes. This has created a huge upsurge in cycling in general, with many more children enjoying two-wheeled adventures.

Whilst this has been positive for us all by offering better air quality with fewer cars, safer roads and healthier lifestyles, the increase in demand has had a knock-on effect for the entire bike industry. As nobody could have foreseen this rise, suppliers and manufacturers were somewhat unprepared for the influx of orders, which in turn has created a shortage of new bikes.

Demand for components

As our bikes are made specifically for children, our components are custom-made by specialists. As the demand for components has increased, so have the delivery times, which creates a delay in having all the components readily available to be able to build the bikes. Again, this too has added to the shortage of new bikes.

Whilst we were beginning to increase production and manage the extra demand due to Covid-19, there was another small issue to contend with… Brexit...


It’s been several months since Britain officially left the EU, and since then we, as a manufacturer, and our stores, have come up against several obstacles.

Delayed shipments & componentry

In January 2021, some freight services simply stopped accepting any deliveries between the EU and UK, which created some difficulties and delays.

Shipping to Europe was fairly backed up causing delays to our bikes arriving at their European destination. And the same can be said for shipments from the EU into the UK too, causing further delays with shipments of componentry. The anticipated shipping times are slowly returning to normal, so we expect fewer delays as the weeks go on.

Importing complications

Now that we are no longer part of Europe, Bike Stores located in the EU are faced with complex paperwork and customs declarations, currently causing additional delays.

We are working to resolve the Brexit teething problems and minimise the disruption to customers. And we are doing our very best to produce as many Frog bikes as possible, and reduce delays as best we can.


We are constantly producing bikes in our factory, supplying bikes stores and fulfilling orders, and have been investing in our manufacturing infrastructure with additional staff members which will allow us to be able to increase production by 80% this year.

Here are some FAQs:

Is it better for me to wait for the bike to become available on the Frog website or contact my local retailer?
Whilst we would normally have some stock available for purchase directly from our website, at the moment all our bikes are going straight out to our stores as soon as they are made. Please check with your local stockist to see what they have in stock.

When are you getting bikes to the website?
We hope to have more stock available on the website towards Summertime. Do check the bike and specific colour that you are interested in for a more defined availability date on the website. But, please be aware that we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates, as sometimes delays are beyond our control. But we will do our very best to get Frog Bikes available at the earliest opportunity, and our stores will have bikes in stock well ahead of our website.

When am I getting my bike?
If you placed an order with a bike store, please contact them directly to discuss your order and the expected delivery date, as they will have allocated their incoming stock to customers’ orders, which we are unable to see.

How can I get a Frog Bike sooner?
Our bikes are built to last, and many families are selling Frogs that they have grown out of so please check second-hand websites or Facebook groups where you’ll often pick up great value bikes in good condition. Your local stockist would be happy to provide a bike service and spare parts if you would like to get the bike checked over.


We hope that the issues we have been facing will soon start to subside and the changes we have put in place will help towards improving the current situation.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time!

The Frog Team 🐸

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