Cycling resolutions: Setting cycling goals for the new year

19 December 2023

As we approach the new year, it's the perfect time for kids to embark on exciting adventures and set new goals. Cycling isn’t just a fantastic way to stay active but also an excellent means of instilling discipline and determination in children. In this blog, we'll explore some cycling resolutions tailored for kids, encouraging them to embrace the joy of cycling while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learn a new skill: Mastering bike tricks

The world of cycling is not just about riding from point A to B; it can be an exhilarating realm filled with tricks and stunts. Encourage your child to set a goal of learning a new bike trick in the coming year, maybe a new one, once a month. Whether it's mastering a wheelie, perfecting a bunny hop, or conquering a basic jump, acquiring new skills adds an extra layer of excitement to cycling.


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Explore nature: Plan scenic bike rides

Encourage your child to connect with nature by planning scenic bike rides. Set a resolution to explore new trails, parks, or nature reserves throughout the year, maybe you could visit a new location once a month. This goal not only promotes physical activity but also fosters an appreciation for the outdoors, helping kids develop a lifelong love for the environment. It’s also fun for any pets who may want to join in the fun!

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Join a cycling club: Foster a sense of community

Cycling is even more enjoyable when shared with like-minded individuals. Maybe their New Year’s Resolution can be to find a local cycling club or group to join. Being part of a community not only provides social interaction but also introduces young riders to valuable tips, tricks, and experiences shared by seasoned cyclists.


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Safety first: Master bike safety skills

Prioritise safety by making bike safety a resolution. Teach your child the importance of wearing helmets, following traffic rules, and practising responsible biking behaviour. Consider enrolling them in a bike safety course to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to navigate the streets safely.


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Set distance goals: Build endurance

Challenge your child to set distance goals for the upcoming year. Start with achievable targets and gradually increase the distance as their stamina improves. This resolution not only enhances physical fitness but also instils a sense of accomplishment as they conquer longer and more challenging routes.

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Maintain and customise: Learn bike maintenance

Understanding how to maintain and customise their bikes can be a valuable skill for kids. Make it a resolution to learn basic bike maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, oiling, and fixing minor issues. This not only ensures the longevity of their bicycles but also gives them a sense of responsibility.


As we welcome the New Year, let's inspire our young cyclists to set exciting, but achievable resolutions that go beyond traditional goals. By incorporating elements of skill development, exploration, community involvement, safety awareness, and endurance building, we can help children develop a well-rounded and lasting passion for cycling. These resolutions not only promote physical health but also contribute to the holistic development of children, fostering a love for adventure and a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle.

Here's to a year filled with joy, growth, and countless biking adventures!

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