Cycle to school with Frog for a fun and healthy ride

23 August 2022

Cycle to School with Frog Bikes


With kids returning to school soon, cycling to and from school is a fun way to get exercise into everyday life, and it benefits the whole family.

Pedalling the commute to the classroom is a great active start to the day, releasing feel-good hormones, boosting energy levels, and relieving anxiety and stress, what’s more, it’s good for the environment too. With the average school being just over 1 mile from home, a short 10-minute cycle is a great way to get your child’s heart rate up.

Did you know?
It has been found that pupils who have taken an active journey to school are much more likely to perform well academically because they are more relaxed and alert.

Many councils are investing in new, safe road layouts in towns and cities, making it easier than ever to enjoy cycling to school and become active travellers.


Why should you cycle to school?

  1. Because it is way more fun than sitting in a car!
  2. Being active is good for physical and mental health
  3. Exercise helps improve sleep and releases feel-good hormones
  4. Cycling is good for reducing anxiety and stress
  5. Children will be more alert at school
  6. It will help increase road awareness making children safer when walking & cycling
  7. Cycling encourages children to be more independent
  8. Pedalling to school helps create positive lifelong habits
  9. Parents can benefit too - steady riding can burn around 50 calories per mile

What accessories will you need?

Wear a helmet at all times. Whilst it isn’t law to wear them, helmets have been shown to save lives, so start early with good habits, especially if cycling on roads and in the city.

Children can carry items on the bike using a pannier rack. Hanging bags from handlebars will make the bike unbalanced and the bag is at risk of getting tangled in the front wheel.

Having mudguards on the bike will stop dirt and spray from covering uniforms on the journey to school.

Attaching a kickstand to a bike is a great idea for children that are taking their bike to school, it will hold the bike upright when not in use and help to avoid any scratches or knocks from laying it on the floor.

Take a look at our ‘Back to school bike preparation blog’ for more tips:


How can Frog Bikes help?

Frog first pedal, hybrid bikes and newly launched city bikes are perfect for cycling to school.

Moreover, our bikes are designed with children at the heart - from the patented straight crank arms that accommodate children's narrow hips and make pedalling easier, to the lightweight frame and child-specific brake levers for smaller hands.

All of our hybrid and city bikes come with mudguards included, to keep uniforms clean on muddy days (at least during the cycle to school).

Whilst the city bikes come standard with a rear pannier rack, the frame on the hybrid bikes has the option to attach pannier racks to make carrying school books and equipment a breeze.


Grab your bikes this September and give your child a little adventure on their bike every day! And, why not add a detour to the park or local pump track for even more pedalling pleasure?

NEW Frog City Bikes


The high-spec, versatile City bikes offer kids an upright ergonomic seating position, an easy-to-mount step-through frame, 8-speed derailleur gears, and city accessories to support school commutes and leisurely rides.

The new unisex kids’ City bike range, which includes the Frog City 53, 61 and 67, is designed for daily use, providing the ultimate urban bikes for children to commute to school or leisurely explore the city at their own pace. Available in sizes 20", 24" and 26" and three stylish colours, black, teal and pink, to suit children aged 5 to 12.

Find out more about Frog City bikes>>

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