A bike isn't just for Christmas!

25 November 2022

As Christmas fast approaches, many are looking for the perfect gift for their kids, and a bike seems like an obvious choice as it ticks so many boxes. But, a bike isn't just for Christmas… it's only the beginning…

At Frog Bikes, we don't see bikes as a toy, we see them as a tool to help children have fun and adventure, to freely explore outdoors, to help instil healthy lifelong habits and to give them a sense of freedom. It is such a great hobby for children to get into, and they get lots of exercise and fresh air too. You can make a park trip into an adrenaline-packed adventure if you want to.

Unlike many toys, bikes are loved and enjoyed for years and can even be part of everyday life, even into adulthood. You can start a lifetime of adventures on it. And of course, there is the added benefit of no screen time, no charging, no waiting and no running out!


A bike at Christmas is the ideal time to start family cycling adventures and why not even start the tradition of a festive family bike ride, the perfect way to blow off the cobwebs and spend some quality time together.

”There's no season when a cycle isn't in season. A bike isn't just for Christmas, you can use it in any weather, it's still the same fun!”

Throughout the year, why not go out on your bikes exploring together and enjoy evening rides and weekend adventures, which are also great ways to connect with nature through cycling.

We're always looking at fun new ways to get on our bikes. A bikepacking trip with the kids could be a great option for more adventurous families. You can just strap a range of bags all over the bike frame and you're good to go.

Check out our bikepacking with children blog for more information

Worried the little ones won't be able to keep up?

As Frog bikes are designed with shorter cranks, which convert the power of peddling into motion, scaled-down handlebars and easy-to-reach brake levers to assist comfort, mean kids can travel further and faster. The only challenge will be trying to keep up with them on your family trips!


Being part of a cycling club is not just great for adults, but for children too. Some children aren't fans of taking on new challenges. If you're trying to encourage your little one to get out and ride it may be a good idea to get them involved with a club or group. The British Cycling Go-Ride programme has been very successful in bringing large numbers of youngsters into cycling.

Being part of a club helps to build confidence, creates friendships, helps face challenges, and increases motivation.

Check out the benefits of being part of a cycling club

”Cycling gives kids big and small the opportunity to take advantage of pedal power both on and off the roads with family and friends. Cycling offers a chance to explore, gain newfound independence and burst with ever-growing confidence. Cycles totally rule!”


For some children, cycling can be more than just for leisure or commuting to school or to see friends, some really feel the spark and want it to be a part of their everyday lives, and some even want to become pros! Cycling can be a fantastic sport for children, with some becoming youth triathletes at the ripe old age of six, whilst others prefer the thrill of track cycling at a velodrome.

Read Inspiring the next generation by Olympic Cyclist Michael Mørkøv


”Cycling unlocks freedom, independence, and fun! When you receive a cycle for Christmas you're receiving a gift that fights climate change, keeps you fit and takes you on adventures with your friends. Bikeability cycle training is a fantastic way to grow your child's confidence on their new Frog Bike and give them the skills they need to share the roads safely with other users. As well as teaching children to cycle in school, we can train you and your children together. Bikeability Family brings the whole household together to get cycling with confidence. Our expert qualified instructors will run you through some basic cycling skills before taking you out on the roads to practice your popular journeys. Now you've got your cycle, grow your confidence with us and you'll be whizzing around the neighbourhood in no time!””


As parents, we want the best for our children, and when it comes to cycling it really is about finding the right bike, with child-specific geometry to make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We all know that kids can grow so quickly that's why Frog bikes can be easily adapted to suit the needs of an individual child and parts of the bike can be replaced as your child grows. Features such as adjustable brakes and our handlebar stem add-on provide room for growth. This helps to reduce the need of having to fork out for a whole new bike, so they last even longer!

Take a look at how adaptable Frog bikes are

”We've made sure that Frog bikes have many features that can be easily adjusted so that the bike will fit the child perfectly. And, that the child's needs and size can be met by changing or adapting these components as they grow.”


When it comes to kids' bikes, it can seem like an expensive purchase, but investing in a quality child-specific bike can be a great investment. As well as lasting for years and standing up to the trials and tribulations of kids, it will also grow with your child. Moreover, Frog bikes have a very good resale value when it comes time to replace them.

The average Frog bike resells for around 60% of its original price after 2 years of use*

*Research carried out by Frog Bikes using preloved bike data and sale prices - November 2022

So whether you have a tenacious toddler or an adventurous adolescent if they want to cycle they will need a bike. Frog Bikes has a great range of bikes for kids 18 months up to 14 years, from balance bikes to mountain bikes and everything in between.

Give the gift of cycling this Christmas!

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