11 things we've learned in 11 years of Frog Bikes

14 February 2024 - News

Frog Bikes has been hopping around for 11 fantastic years! As we reflect on this exciting milestone, we’re thrilled to share the 11 invaluable lessons we’ve learned throughout this fantastic journey…

1. Passion for pedals

From day one, the co-founders, Jerry and Shelley Lawson’s passion for cycling has been the driving force behind Frog Bikes. It’s taught us that when you genuinely love what you do, it reflects in the quality of your work. It has helped instil a relentless pursuit of better designs, materials and overall performance.

Every Frog bike is meticulously crafted with components tailored specifically for children, including shortened cranks, scaled-down handlebars, and easily accessible brake levers, prioritising comfort to enable longer and faster journeys. Beyond the longevity of the bikes, they boast resilience, durability, and adaptability. Notably, they retain a resale value, with approximately 60% of the original price retained after two years of use.

Investing time in creating the perfect kids’ bikes has resulted in the successful progress of the company and several global accolades.

Jerry Lawson, Frog Bikes Co-founder said, "Our love for cycling has been more than a passion; it's been the heartbeat of our brand. Embracing this ethos has not only shaped our commitment to quality but has led our pursuit of innovation in designs, and materials, and has driven us to evolve continually and set new standards in the world of cycling."

2. Adaptation is key

Much like a frog adapts to its environment, businesses must evolve too. Adapting to changing trends, technologies, materials and customer needs has been crucial to our growth, allowing us to stay relevant, revolutionise products and appeal to our audience.


Over the last 11 years, we have introduced seven bike ranges to cater to more children’s requirements and cycling disciplines:

  1. 1. Balance bikes for toddlers learning to balance
  2. 2. First pedal bikes for children transitioning to pedals
  3. 3. Hybrid bikes for multi-discipline use
  4. 4. City bikes for commuting and urban riding
  5. 5. Road bikes to help introduce cycling as a sport
  6. 6. Mountain bikes for off-road cycling adventures
  7. 7. Track bikes for indoor and grass track racing


In 2016 Frog opened a manufacturing facility in the UK to be more responsive to the market, have greater control over quality, introduce innovations faster, reduce environmental footprint, and create jobs to benefit the local economy.

Billy Bilsland Cycles commented, "We are huge fans of Frog Bikes. Their decision to have production in the UK is paying dividends. Frog has been able to allow us to keep putting big smiles on young cyclists' faces."

3. Customer comments count

Listening to our customers has been invaluable. Feedback, suggestions, and insights from stockists, partners, parents and riders of all ages have helped us improve our bikes continually to enhance the overall cycling experience for children. This approach has not only driven product improvements but has also enabled Frog to cultivate a loyal customer base that we highly value.

Sprockets Cycles commented, "Frog Bikes has really leapt ahead of other brands with their support of retailers and drive to make sure that bikes are on shop floors."

4. Quality hops over quantity

Designing and building high-quality bikes has been at the core of our ethos. We’ve learned that quality beats quantity every time, ensuring our bikes provide the best riding experience for kids.


Not only are our bikes specifically designed for kids based on scientific research, but we pride ourselves on the high-quality production of the entire bike that surpasses safety standards, from the wheels all the way up to the handlebars. That’s why we think it is extremely important to have our very own testing laboratory onsite in Wales, UK.


The testing facilities situated right on our premises, allow us to maintain our commitment to safety, have greater quality control, and expedite changes that may need to be made. We proudly boast a flawless track record - Frog bikes have never once failed a single safety test!


We take pride in the quality of our bikes, and we are confident that our customers will be satisfied with their purchase. We are so confident in our bikes that we now offer an extended 10-year warranty.

London Bike Hub commented "From the design viewpoint, they are light, robust, comprehensively equipped and elegant. From the mechanic, they are prefabricated beautifully. They are perfect, comfortable and attractive."

5. Sustainability springs success

Being eco-conscious has become a priority. We've learned that sustainable practices benefit the environment and resonate positively with our eco-aware customers.

By prioritising sustainability, we are actively reducing our ecological footprint. This involves various initiatives, such as switching to lower-emitting materials, optimising manufacturing processes to minimise waste, reducing energy consumption, and incorporating more recycled, recyclable and bio-based materials in our packaging.

Here are some examples of the efforts that collectively contribute to mitigating our impact on the environment:

Since laying down our baseline, we've been on a roll! We've been working hard to achieve a remarkable 25% cumulative reduction in emissions per bike since 2019!

Our conscientious efforts have led to a significant decrease in air travel for components, with less than 1% of our components transported by air in 2022, in contrast to 3.5% in 2021.

We've removed an extra 3 tonnes of plastics from our packaging! This move not only cuts down plastic waste but also amplifies our dedication to sustainable packaging solutions.

Read the full 2022 Frog Bikes Emissions Report here >>

Anna Drew, Head of Sustainability at Frog Bikes said, “In embracing sustainability, we are not just making incremental changes; we are forging a path towards a greener and more responsible future. Our collective efforts showcase the positive impact businesses can have when sustainability becomes a guiding principle. Let's continue this journey, mindful of our impact and steadfast in our commitment to a more sustainable world."

6. Making a leap requires teamwork

Just like a frog army works together, our team’s unity has been fundamental to our success. The collaboration, support, and shared vision have created a strong foundation, in which we build our innovation, growth and sustainability.

Just as a cohesive frog army is stronger together, the unity among the team has been instrumental in propelling us forward and advancing within the cycling industry.

Shelley Lawson, Co-founder of Frog Bikes commented, “The collaboration, support, and shared vision among our talented team has created a robust foundation for Frog. We all believe that cycling can be a real force for good."

7. Innovation propels forward

The cycling industry is constantly evolving. Embracing innovation has allowed us to introduce new designs, materials, and features that keep us ahead of the curve.

When Frog Bikes was founded in 2013, together with Brunel University and renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame), we reformed the thinking behind children’s bike design. All of our bikes are designed with the child in mind and are not just scaled-down adult bikes.

From bike geometry to quality componentry, every detail is expertly designed and selected to ensure a child's journey is not just comfortable but enjoyable.

Kris Kulwicki, R&D Manager at Frog Bikes, emphasises, “At Frog, our goal is to provide the best bikes for children, surpassing safety standards, offering lightweight designs, comfort in riding, and utilising premium child-specific components and quality materials. Regular reviews of features such as lightweight frames, adjustable brakes, shorter cranks, handlebars, and easy-to-reach brake levers reflect our dedication to providing the optimal riding experience. Alongside this, our goal is to use materials such as bioplastics and recycled aluminium to reduce our carbon footprint.”

This approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of the cycling market, driving growth, customer satisfaction and the brand.

8. Community hopping

Engaging with cycling communities has taught us the importance of building a supportive and inclusive network. It’s amazing how much we’ve learned from fellow cycling enthusiasts, including biking trends, cultures, riding preferences, and the needs of cyclists across different regions. This approach has helped us to tailor our products to resonate with and empower the biking community.

Amarjit, Marketing Executive at Frog Bikes commented “The best part is seeing children enjoy themselves and coming back to ask if they can help us out during the day! Allowing children the freedom and opportunity to try out other bike types is great. Kids like to experience new things, some even flip from a city bike to a hybrid to a mountain bike to see the difference in riding style.”

Offering free bike demos at events across the UK and Europe helps support and uplift the biking community. These events have been integral in increasing access to quality cycling experiences, fostering enthusiasm among riders of all levels, and promoting a culture of exploration and education within kids cycling.

Taberna Sansom, Marketing Manager at Frog Bikes, commented “It has been amazing to see Kris, Frog’s R&D Manager and Jerry, Frog’s co-founder both teaching children to ride a bike at events!! Despite initial hesitance from the kids to learn the bike with their parents, with Kris & Jerry’s help and a Frog bike, they quickly mastered pedalling in just a few minutes!”

9. Embrace the challenges

Challenges are inevitable, but they also bring opportunities to leap higher.

Challenges are not viewed as setbacks at Frog Bikes; instead, they are seen as opportunities for continuous improvement and evolution. By embracing challenges with enthusiasm and determination, we have leapt higher and transformed hurdles into the building blocks of our success story.

Jerry Lawson commented “There were times during 2015 when we couldn’t keep up with demand, and customers were left disappointed. We recognised that the time had come to re-shore our production model and so we set the wheels in motion to open a factory in the UK.”

Frog Bikes faced challenges throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. Like many businesses, Frog had to navigate through unprecedented disruptions to its operations, supply chains and markets. However, through resilience, adaptability and strategic decision-making, Frog managed to overcome these hurdles and thrive in the face of adversity. By staying attuned to customer needs and market trends, Frog Bikes remained competitive and continued to innovate despite the challenging operating environment.

10. Education in motion

Educating and empowering young riders has been incredibly rewarding. We've learned that providing more than just a bike, such as resources, events and expert knowledge helps create a positive and enriching cycling environment, which in turn helps to instil a lifelong love for cycling in kids.

Val Benyon, Head of Marketing at Frog Bikes, commented “Our mission goes beyond the mere transaction of a bike purchase. By equipping parents and young riders with tips, tools, blogs, videos and how-to guides through various channels, we can help ensure that the children’s cycling journey is not only enjoyable but also safe and educational.”

In addition to resources, Frog stockists, our partners, distributors and our team of Customer Service experts are readily available to offer guidance and support. Whether choosing the right bike size, troubleshooting technical issues, or providing advice on cycling techniques, they are passionate about sharing their knowledge to ensure that young riders feel confident and supported in their cycling endeavours.

11. Gratitude keeps us pushing forward

Last but not least, we're endlessly grateful for everyone who has supported us - our stockists, customers, partners, distributors and the entire Frog Bikes family. Your support has been the lily pad that keeps us afloat!

As we look ahead, we’re excited about the future. We'll keep hopping forward, continuing to create bikes that inspire kids to explore, learn, and embrace the joy of cycling.

Thank you for 11 amazing years. Here’s to many more adventures on two wheels!

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